28 Chapter 28

In the morning, when I woke up, the wind picked up. Hippolyta did not lie and the storm was already beginning. Therefore, I took all the tools into the workshop first, and then the raft. And at first I wanted to drag him by taking one end, since there would be enough strength. But then I realized that you can act like the ancient Egyptians when they built their pyramids. In general, on the way to the workshop, I threw logs into the ground, splashing water on them and already pulled the raft along them. It's much easier, albeit a little longer.

And then he went to the palace to see Hippolyta. The Amazons, although in places looked at my presence next to them disapprovingly, they did not dare to say anything. Although not everyone ignored me so much, or looked dismissively. Apparently my victory and apparently the order of their queen acted positively on this.

I was accommodated in fairly spacious chambers. As for me, this is a presidential suite in a five-star hotel. Although their infirmary was also quite cozy and spacious. Probably, it's like this everywhere ...

- Isaac. Diana called out to me.

At this time, I was already standing on the terrace and watching the setting sun.

- Yes, the princess?

- Just Diana. - the brunette wrinkled her face. - Mother asked me to tell you that you would not go outside the palace today. Today is a holiday dedicated to Demeter. And men on it are undesirable.

- Got it, not a fool. I'll stay here. Considering that I am on the land of the Amazons, I should generally be quieter than water, below the grass.

"We're not as bad as you think. However, you will understand this a little later. After all, you'll be here long enough to understand this.

Yeah, this fucking storm ruined my plans. Although, to be honest, these plans were ruined by the crash itself. But there is no point in complaining.

- Diana, can I have one request? - I asked already about to leave the princess.

- Speak. Well, I'll think about whether I can fulfill it.

- Can I access your library? If there is one. And in the palace too. Or do you have one for the whole island?

- Hmm. We have a lot of libraries. There are personal, and there is also a public one, where all the inhabitants of the island can get access. We have a pretty good education ... - wow, I seem to have touched her to the quick. - ... Besides, there is a huge library here in the palace as well. However, I was a little surprised by your question. This is the first time I hear that a man wants to gain some knowledge besides the skills to kill and fight.

- Not all men are what you think. The world outside your island is diverse. Sometimes in one city you can find thousands of types of people. And our world is really huge.

- Could you tell me about the outside world? Outside the island. - Wow! Are we having a conversation with Diana? It's good. "I don't know much about him. I have never been there.

- It's not difficult for me. Come in at any time.

- Okay. And yes, I think there can be no problems with the library. We have no reason to refuse you.

After that, she left.

And I rejoiced at the opportunity to gain the knowledge that no one from the outside world had received before me.

And on these joys I drank wine. Which was very strong. And it is natural that I was drawn to sleep after that.

Well, I woke up in the morning. With stiff shoulders.

I wanted to crush them, but I could not move my hands. And having opened my eyes I saw that from which I have two beauties sleeping on both sides: Artemis and Diana. Both. Naked. Drunk. Dangerous. Amazon.

How did I even manage to miss them with my intuition ?! Now I will tryndets when they wake up!

At that moment, Hippolyta and two Amazons in full combat gear entered my room, all three gloomy.

And then I realized that I fucked up!

To be continued....

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