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A few weeks into his life as a college student, Nicholas D'Angelo found out he was a Nephilim. A being part-Angel and part-Human. Which he found both odd and ironic. Odd because while he was quite talented, both academically and physically, he was quite a normal human. Nothing like Supergirl or Superboy, at least. He was just Nick. A normal human. On the other hand he found it ironic because his last name pretty much meant Angel. But when Demons come looking for a Divine Being to rule over Hell and to become their new king, what will Nick do? When multiple 'accidents' happen around campus and he draws the attention of the Justice League, what will he do? Well, not every college student has the same problems as Nicholas...but some of them do. And he'll find a little bit of help from them at the very least. (MC's gonna be a hero, so if that's not your cup of tea, then don't bother reading the story. Also a disclaimer: I'm aware that most Angels can't have kids in DC canon, other than Michael and Lucifer at least. This story is an AU where I've messed around with rules a little bit and most Angels can have kids and not just the big two Archangels Lucifer and Michael.)


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