1 What?! Where am I?

Sector 38 of the prime Universe

It was currently being policed by green lanterns Raker Qarrigat and Kraken.

The sector was known to house two worlds:

The fiery hell known as Apokolips, and its opposite, the paradise known as New Genesis.

Apokolips was for all intents and purpose, Hell. With rivers of molten rock in place of water, and active volcanoes constantly erupting and covering the land in lava its a miracle that life could survive in such a desolate place. However, the latter is proven true by the numerous buildings that litter the world and the giant molten palace at the center of it all.

New Genesis was the total opposite. In contrast to the industrial waste that cover Apokolips, New Genesis was covered by green pastures and a vibrant flora and fauna. In fact, the only city in New Genesis, Supertown, was situated high above the ground so as to not affect the surface of the planet.

The ruler of Apokolips, the despot Darkseid, had a penchant for invading other planets in search of the elusive Anti-life Equation. A mathematical formula that had the potential of enslaving every mind in the universe, so that it would all become one, Darkseid.

Why did such a being wish to enslave everything? It's simple really, because 'Darkseid is...'.

However, for now Darkseid's quest for the Anti-life was not important. Instead, we shift our attention to the third planet in sector 38.

Planet Sadala, home of the Saiyan race.

It was possessed a deep purple and light green striped pattern that gave the planet a glossy appearance, almost like a jawbreaker that one could find at a corner store.

Planet Sadala housed advanced buildings and urban centers, with small space ships seen whizzing past the skyline. At the planet's capital, Vegeta, exists the magnificent palace where the Saiyan monarch lives.

In the capital, there were thick clouds of smoke coagulating in the atmosphere, trailing from the burning inferno that could be found in small patches around the palace. Paramedics could be seen carrying around burnt and mutilated bodies of the dead. The smell of death and destruction persisted in the air, yet no one batted an eye. Paramedics simply moved the bodies, even picking up dismembered arms without so much as a whimper. If the path was blocked by falling debris, warriors would release blue orbs of energy from the palm of their hands, eviscerating everything in the way.

In the back of the castle there was a large army of Saiyans, almost numbering the millions. They all possessed body armor that covered their entire upper body with the exception of the arms, which were blocked by shoulder guards. Their lower body was protected by thigh guards, as well as dark blue pants. The color of their armor indicated their overall ranking in the army, with dark red being the lowest rank and pure white being the highest.

All Saiyans looked almost exactly like the Homo Sapiens that dominated the planet Earth, with the sole exception being a prehensile monkey tail that extended from their tailbones. Warrior- class Saiyans also possessed long red horns that extended from the top of their heads, as well as long dark red wings that enabled them to fly.

The army of Saiyans all possessed the red horns, with their wings being tucked underneath their armor indicating that this was an army warriors. Warriors ready to go to war with whoever had destroyed their beloved city.

On a large podium facing an army was a young, short Saiyan with black hair that was spiked upward and a widow's peak that covered most of his forehead. He was donned in white armor, armor that was only reserved for the Saiyan monarch.

"My loyal warriors!", he articulated with an emotion verbose, "Today, the Saiyan race has suffered a major loss. That madman Darkseid, has invaded us when we were just recovering from the scourge virus like the coward he is. He is too afraid of us to fight us at our strongest, that man has no honor!"

The Saiyan army met the monarch's proclamation with a loud 'Hoorah!', raising their arms to the sky and firing a brilliant blue energy.

"Not only that, but my father had also unfortunately passed away from Darkseid, yet we still held strong and pushed back his weak army. We showed them that even weakened, THE SAIYANS WILL NEVER BACK DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!"

"HURRAH!", the army screamed, shaking the whole planet, and again firing a blue rob into the sky. The entire army gave an aura of might and bloodlust, except for one soldier, but that was overlooked by the prince.

"My subjects it is only a matter of time before that damn scourge virus grabs hold of us again, we lost too many of our soldiers to such a cowardly weapon", the prince tone had a hint of desperation at mentioning this sentence, "However, our scientists have found out how to stop this infernal disease".

The soldier excitedly murmured to each other at this new development, however all conversations were silenced by a single hand raise by the prince.

"Yes, we have recently discovered that we can use the Apokolipan technology to find a vaccine. Do you know what this means soldiers!", the prince spoke, this time sporting a maniacal grin, "This means not only can we avenge our fallen brethren, but also stop one of our biggest adversities."

The Saiyan soldiers all cheered at this news. Their race could finally recover, they could once again become galactic conquerors. However, underneath all the loud cheers, there was a one soldier who did not participate in the cheering. He had a tall, muscular build just like his brethren, except he was noticeable more tanned compared to the others. His armor was a dark grayish color, which seemed to indicate a relatively high rank though the frightened expression plastered on his face did not seem to reflect that at all.

He frantically stared at his surroundings, as if trying to make sense of what was happening. As if he was suddenly transmigrated here from another world. Without any rhyme or reason, an entity had placed a foreign soul into the body of a high class Saiyan.

[POV shift] (this will be the pov from now on)

My name is Matthew Serrano. I am of Puerto Rican descent and currently was living in California, more specifically LA.

I am 25 years and I had just been hired to teach chemistry at a nearby highschool. Ah yea, I am a chemistry teacher. Probably should have lead with that, but hey you try staying calm in my situation.

Anyway, back to my ted talk... I had just arrived to my apartment after getting my first official job, so I was a bit excited. So as any adult would do, I cracked a couple cold ones. I was going to throw a party, but I did not want to deal with the hassle of cleaning up after everybody.

Anyway, after having a couple of drinks I was a bit tipsy so I opted to stop. I was not an alcoholic, and I quite like my liver. So after cleaning, I got on my desktop and checked my email. Yea... that was around the time when I saw the message.

[Congratulations! You have a chance to earn a reward...]

As a working class adult, the minute I saw the words 'reward' I was already on the webpage. I was redirected to google form out of all things. Damnit! I'm such an idiot, why the hell would they send a questionnaire on google forms out of all things.

[1. If you could choose to transmitigate in another world, which would it have been?]

Now, I was a bit tipsy so I was not in the right state of mind and there just happened to be a DC comic right right on my desk. It did not take a genius to guess what I typed.

[2. If you could choose to possess the powers of one character, who would they be? (please list the source)]

I typed in, 'Broly from Dragon Ball Super'.

[3. Choose one more character that you would like to have the powers of.(please list the source)]

This time I typed in "666:Satan from The God of Highschool". Why? I don't know, cut me some slack I had a few too many drinks.

After answering all the questions, I hit that submit button without any hesitation. I just wanted my free money.

Suddenly, the entire world turned black. At that point, I freaked out thinking I was getting kidnapped or some shit like that. However, I realized that my eyes were closed for some odd reason; I didn't even remember closing them, so I felt pretty stupid. However, when I opened my eyes... there I was.

An absolute army of body builders were standing in front of my eyes, wearing that classic Saiyan armor from the show. At first, I thought I was kidnapped to comic con or something, but after taking note of my physical appearance as well as the blue energy that kept firing from the army's palms I knew that this was something beyond kidnapping.

(5 minutes of panicking, and remembering some novels later)

"psssst", I whispered to the guy standing next to me. "psssst"

"What! What do you want, Rhubie?! Our great monarch is talking", furiously whispered my neighbor. He was a couple of inches shorter than me, with spiky black hair that almost looked like Goku's.

"Ah sorry about that. What is the monarch talking about I can't hear him, I had to many to drink last night", I nervously chuckled, scratching the back of my head. The neighbor slapped his forehead before explaining.

"Rhubie, you idiot, we're going to war, those bastards will pay for what they did to Vegeta."

Vegeta? So, I really was a Saiyan and... my name is Rhubie? Like rhubarb? Eh, could have been worse. However, that last part caught my attention.

"Huh!? A war!", for some odd reason that did not scare me as much as I thought it did. I mean the idea of fighting a war the moment you arrived in a new world would make everyone faint in fear, however I remembered that Saiyans were basically cheats and Broly was on a completely different level. Not to mention, I could copy any ability at a glance. I wonder who we were fighting against?

"Yea... we're going to invade Apokolips and kill their king, Darkseid. We must show the universe that the Saiyan race is not to be trifled with, even when weakened by that virus", my neighbor whispers in a prideful tone.

Ah, I see Darkseid...



The minute I realized who we were up against, I felt light headed. Yup, I need to get the fuck out of here or else I am dead. There's no way I'm winning against that bastard unless this is New 52, but I can't take that chance. I mean for all I know I could even be in the pre-crisis continuity.

Alright, since most of these Saiyans are going to die anyway, I can easily fake my death and run away. All I have to do is avoid being anywhere near Darkseid, since I do believe I can deal with the other New Gods with my copy abilities and Zenkai boosts. If push comes to shove, I can use the Ikari state to finish it. I mean if Broly could do it, surely I could as well, right?

"MY ARMY, SOUND THE HORNS! WE WILL RETAKE OUR LOST PRIDE! WE ARE SAIYANNNS!", the monarch roared in a voice that shook the entire planet. Suddenly, from his back two crimson wings extended outward and he took the air.

All around me, small flaps on the back of the armor were opening revealing the same crimson wings. The Saiyans around me took the air, using their wings in combination with Ki to fly. Seriously, I know I asked for 666:Satan's powers, but was there really a point in the wings? They were basically a vestigial trait for the Saiyans, right?

"Rhubie, come on let's go!", my neighbor shouted again. He was already a fair distance in the air.

I focused on my back muscles, since that was where the wings seemed to be located on. I could control the wings like they were just another limb. With a small stretch, the plates of my armor fell off giving just enough room to fully extend my wings.

These things were rippling with muscles, a single flap generated enough lift to send me a few centimeters off the ground. Instinctively, I powered myself up with Ki allowing me to defy the laws of gravity. It seems that parts of the original owner's mind existed within me or else I would not have been able to fly so easily. This should help with the coming war, however I could already tell that this will generate too many problems.

"Rhubie come on! Your a high class Saiyan for godsake! If you keep fooling around, you're going to get demoted", the neighbor warned. Whoever this guy was must've been a good friend of the original body. Its unfortunate that he will most likely die.

We lifted off with the other Saiyan, flying high into the atmosphere. I noticed that it was getting harder and harder to breather the more we ascended, however looking around the Saiyans' had already found a solution. They pressed a small button located on their neck collars, that materialized a small astronaut helmet around their heads.

Doing the same, the helmet blocked most of my peripheral vision. Definitely, not a wise decision to fight in space, its a good thing we were fighting on Apokolips.

Sigh, we really were going to war with the evil new gods. There was no way we were winning this battle, especially with Darkseid and his omega effect. Yeah, the only chance I had was to fake my death and flee to Earth. Yep, flee to Earth that will definitely be the best plan for me.

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