1 Chapter 1 Death


I lied down on this accursed bed this hospital was my prison not because of them not letting me leave but because they tried so hard for me to stay alive.No this hospital wasn't my prison the world of the living that was my prison the prison my soul has to endure in this weak shell of mine I call a body. The one thing that I yearned for in life was my death.

I chuckle

"Death some may see it as their downfall but I see it as one freedom from this cursed world"

People fear death because of many things either going to heaven or hell where you suffer for all of eternity or never seeing your loved ones again. But a majority of people feared death because it was the one thing every human wondered about if there was an afterlife or was just darkness.

Now is a 29-year-old cancer patient whose whole life was basically in a hospital I never feared death no matter how much time went by. I welcomed death and hoped it would come sooner hell one could say I would even be excited about it.

Now the one thing about death is you either go to heaven or hell, religion deciphers heaven as a beautiful place that God created for the souls of humans who passed away it was paradise. My theory about heaven would be that at the time of your death the human consciousness would imagine something peaceful so you wouldn't fear death as much and one would imagine such a place where it's full of pure souls and beautiful angels.

My type of heaven would be finally going to rest, sleeping in the eternal darkness having nothing to fear. Scientists stated that the most relaxed a human can be is when they're asleep with their mind drifting into their mind but what people don't know is that when you are asleep that's where you're most closest to death.

There's no meaning to living. Humans only live to die at some point right? death isn't kind, and it's a constant reminder of how limited our lives are. There is no heaven or hell no matter what you do while you are alive everybody goes to the same place once you die. In the end, death is equal.

I remember a saying my father once told me on the day of my grandfather's funeral "Do not seek death. But do not fear it either, There cannot be life cannot be life without death, it is inescapable".

That was one of the main reasons I stopped the treatment for my cancer what was the point of trying to stop the inevitable there wasn't a point in even trying anymore and so I laid there and taking one good look at the world I once saw as my prison and finally close down my eyes my mind drifting into the unknown.

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Huh, strange? I knew I should be dead but I wasn't I still felt and I smelt smoke. I opened my eyes to see myself sitting in front of a man with blue eyes and glasses and blonde-haired combed to the side reading a newspaper while smoking a cigarette.

I first looked around the room to see us in a white room with multiple red doors and some strange paintings. I looked at the man and studied him and saw that he kept on reading the newspaper not even acknowledging my existence.

Before I could say something I noticed something cover my left eye. My eyes widened in surprise it was HAIR!!! my hair I touched my eyes to see if I was hallucinating or not and felt it and looked down at my body. It was just like how it was when I was 18 it was during the time I was working out so I was extremely fit and had a body resembling that of a swimmer or an acrobat. My hair was long during the time so I put it in a ponytail.

I was going to continue admiring my body when there was a bang and I looked up at the man and saw that he finally put down the newspaper and finally acknowledged my existence. I gulped when confronted by his intimidating stare and got a shiver down my spine.

"Thank you it's rare for someone to let me finish reading most would just yell or scream at me demanding where they are before I shove them through one of those doors".

That's when it finally hit me the whole time I was admiring myself I forgot about where I was or how I even got here I was 100% sure I would be dead.

The man rolled his eyes and said: "No your not dead you're still alive you almost did die though but I brought you here before that happened."

I finally decided to speak to the man and said

"Are you God?"

The man chuckled at my question and said

"No I am not God but I do have the same capabilities as him just a different job".

Confused by his response I was about to ask what that means when his face went stoic and glared at me.

"Enough talk it's time to get down to business, if you haven't noticed you've been brought here for a reason I have a mission for you, and your the only one since Jesus to have met all the requirements".

I was confused about what requirements was he talking about and what's this mission he wants me to do for him.

"The requirements you've met is not being afraid of death you've embraced it and welcomed it as if it was a friend. And you know what the most dangerous being in the world could be? something that isn't afraid of death which means it wouldn't be afraid of any consequences or regret".The man said as he picked up a file and started skimming through it.

"What does this have to do with this so-called mission you're talking about".

He handed me a file that said DC in big bold letters which confused me since it was a comic book company with heroes such as Superman or Batman being my favorite.

"What would you think would happen if there was ever a world where the symbol of hope and justice wasn't there or the world didn't have its Dark Knight to save them from a crazed clown? Complete chaos that's what this is your mission you must go to a universe where Batman, Superman, and more heroes and even villains weren't either born or made. Your first mission is to kill Bruce Wayne's parents Martha and Thomas Wayne to spark the need for justice in young Bruce Wayne to become Batman in the future".

My mouth was wide open because he said that like it was a normal thing and also because he just asked me to kill one of the greatest superheroes on Earth's parents. I finally opened my mouth to voice out my concerns

"You want me to kill Batman's Parents wasn't there already supposed to be a guy for that Joe chill".

"Yes sadly he passed away before his scheduled time and now the timeline is messed up also you have to blow up Krypton so Superman can end up on Earth".

"What's in it for me cause no way in hell would I ever do any of that for free".

"What's in it for you is your greatest wish for death your eternal peace where you sleep for all of existence that's what's in it for you and I suggest you take it or I'll send you to Heaven and we both know you don't want to end up there, So will are you in or out.

I hesitated but I finally made up my mind and said

"I'm in"

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