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[Star City. January 1, 04:30 PDT. 2009

David Lance POV]


Of all the things I expected to face in this life.

School was not one of them.

But, sadly for me, Dinah had deemed it was time to… do normal things for a change.

I couldn't blame her, really. She was doing what she thought was best for me, and from a psychological point of view, I guess she was right. But, the thing was, I didn't like being around people, not for long periods of time anyway.

It made me feel uneasy.

Knowing that at any time I could… blow them away, was haunting.

At least, the school thing was under probation, meaning Dinah was testing, not enforcing things permanently.

"Come on, give me a smile? Please?" Dinah said, her tone soft and heavy, by this time she was probably double guessing her choice, after all, she was not one to make me do something I didn't like.

~So you want me to lie?~ I signed, a small smirk gracing my face.

Dinah sighed, rolling her eyes, "You know why I'm doing this right?"

~Because my life can't only be that of a hero because one Batman is enough, yes yes, I know,~ I nodded, smiling at her.

"Yes, and don't let Batman hear that," Dinah winked, ruffling my hair in a playful manner.

~My lips are sealed,~ I grinned at her, capitalizing on my ability to make mute jokes.

Needless to say, she laughed.

"Very funny, now get out or you will be late, " Dinah chuckled, stopping her car right at the entrance of the school.

~What a warm goodbye,~ I replied, smiling as I got out of the car.

"Remember to try and make some friends!" Dinah said, in a rather loud voice, getting the attention of everyone around.

Well, there goes my social life, not that I wanted to have one, to begin with.

~Really?~ I sighed, giving her a teasing look.

"Oh right, I had forgotten about that," Dinah smiled at me sheepishly. Realizing what she had done.

~Worry not, I intend to be invisible,~ I shrugged, grabbing my backpack and hoisting it to my back, before turning to walk to the entrance.

"Have a good day! Love you!" Dinah said, loud enough for anyone to hear as I made my way to the entrance.

I smiled at that, fully aware I was getting a few odd stares and mutters from the students around, some were even laughing.

I didn't care.

I loved my sister.

And she loved me, I was mature enough to not be embarrassed by that fact.

I guess it has a lot to do with this being my second life.

Who knows?


I wonder how many mutes go to public school.

I mean, really, so far in the three hours I've been here, everyone has stared at me like I'm some kind of rarity you don't see around ever.

Then again. It could be the fact I am the new kid, that started school six months later.

"Kids, I will go and print a few items we need for class, please stay in your seats while I go and do that," Mr. Walking said, the history teacher. He seemed like a nice man, maybe a bit timid if anything, he almost seemed scared of the kids around, poor guy.

"Yes, Mr. Walking," A girl in the front said, smiling like a dutiful student, her pose straight, from her body language and other things I had seen so far, it was easy to deduce she was what people called, the teacher's pet.

I wonder if I will find a bully here.

I wonder if I can beat the bully.

Dinah wasn't clear on the rules.

I will assume she gave me permission to defend myself.

"Good," Mr. Walking smiled at the girl fondly, before walking out of the room.

"Hey loser," Someone behind me said.

Well, that was fast.

I turned and waved.

"Mike, sit down!" The girl in the front hissed, clearly annoyed at the bully's behavior. "The teacher said to stay in our seats!"

"Stuff it, Maria, I'm just having a nice talk with our new friend, here," Mike, the bully, pointed at me, smiling from cheek to cheek.

I wonder how long will it take before the bully pushes me to fight, my bet? Two minutes, but I feel I'm being generous.

"I will tell the teacher," Maria huffed, turning around in a rather angry manner.

"So, loser, what's your name," Mike grinned, his eyes on me.

I sighed, writing my name on a piece of paper.

"No no, say it," Mike grinned, some people in the back laughing, two kids to be exact, probably his little entourage, after all, a bully wasn't a bully without his followers to impress.

I rolled my eyes and turned. Whatever came next, would be solved with violence, so why bother.

"Hey, who told you, you could turn your back on me?" Mike growled, annoyed at my early reaction.

"Mike, sit the fuck down," Someone new said, basically growling his words out. Curious, I turned to see a big kid, bigger than me and mike, glaring daggers at Mike.

For him, this was personal.

I could see it, in his eyes.

Maybe he has a mute relative.

"Or what Luke?" Mike challenged.

"Try me," Luke replied, taking a few steps forward.

"This isn't over, Luke," Mike spat, going back to his seat.

Luke scoffed, turning to look at me, before signing ~Hi, my name is Luke Miller.~

I smiled, ~David Lance, thanks for the help, but it wasn't necessary, my dad was a cop, and I learned how to deal with bullies the only way it works.~

Luke chuckled, ~Still, Mike is an ass, and I enjoy messing with him.~

~So, do you have a mute relative?~ I asked, tilting my head.

~My little sister,~ Luke nodded, going back to his seat.

So my theory was right, for him the fact Mike was bothering me was almost personal, ~Your sign language is very good.~ I complimented him.

~Years of practice,~ Luke grinned.

~So, anyone else I should be wary of?~ I asked.

Luke paused, musing over that for a brief second, ~Mike and his followers, for the most part, mama's boy.~

~Mama's boy?~ If I had to guess it was because of Dinah this morning.

~Yes, that's how people call you, because of this morning,~ Luke nodded.

~I see, highly inaccurate though, my mom is long dead,~ I replied, inwardly chuckling at how fast rumors and stuff spread around school.

~I… I'm sorry man, I was just trying to be funny you know,~ Luke sighed, scratching the back of his head, ~I didn't know.~

I rolled my eyes at him, ~Relax Skywalker, I don't really mind, people can say or think whatever they want, it doesn't bother me, at all.~

"HAHAHAHA," Luke snorted, ~You are okay, wanna sit with me and my friends in lunch?~

I nodded.

~Great, and just for the record, I didn't start the mama's boy title, it was Mike,~ Luke added.

~Don't care,~ I shrugged.


At lunch.

I sat with Luke and his friends.

All of them, were football players.

They were nice.

I mean, they did make fun of how Dinah had dropped me and stuff, but it was all in good fun.

Nothing really harmful.

Just men, being men.

"Hey bro, do you play football?" Aaron, the quarterback asked, taking a bite of his burger.

~Can't say I do,~ I shook my head.

"He says no," Luke translated, though I wonder why… I shook my head.

"Dude, he shook his head," Aaron deadpanned.

"I… my bad," Luke chuckled, realizing his mistake.

"Anyway, dude you should totally try out!" Aaron grinned, "You are small sure, but you seem fast, we could use a running back now that Robert left."

Playing Football… that sounded incredibly boring.

"Aaron, he said he doesn't play," Aadav, another one of the guys sighed.

"Bro, trust me, I have a good eye for this kind of stuff," Aaron chuckled, waving Aadav off, "So, what do you say, would you give it a try?"

I sighed, remembering I had promised Dinah to join a club, I guess this… counts as one.

I nodded.

"Hell yeah!" Aaron beamed at me.

"You have made a terrible mistake, that's how I ended with these morons," Luke chuckled.

"Hey!" Aaron gasped.

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