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[Star City. January 13, 09:30 PDT.

David Lance POV]

"Aren't you excited?" Dinah asked with a wide smile as she drove to the community college.

I nodded.

Today was my week off.

Off training.

Off fighting crime.

Off all hero-related things.

What was I to do during this week?

Well, I was to take an art course in the community college of Star City.

I liked Art, I wasn't particularly good at it, but I enjoyed it. It helped me breathe so to speak when things became overwhelming, it was an escape for me, like games for some, or food.

"My little baby is growing up," Dinah teased.

I sighed, rolling my eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, mister, as your older sister, I have every right to annoy the heck out of you," Dinah grinned, playfully slapping my arm.

~I suppose you do,~ I smiled.

"Maybe you can draw something for me, to have at the shop," Dinah smiled, probably imagining this course would turn me into DaVinci or something.

~Sure, why not?~ I nodded, smiling at the thought.

"Here we are, Star City community college!" Dinah announced in a dramatic manner.

~You need to stop hanging out with Oliver so much,~ I deadpanned.

"I… maybe," Dinah chuckled, "I guess his drama Queen antics are rubbing off on me,"

I blinked, was… was that a pun?!

"I'm sorry," Dinah chuckled once again, kissing my forehead, "No more puns for today, that's a Lance promise,"

~Is that a thing?~ I asked, tilting my head to the side.

"No, but I'm trying to make it a thing," Dinah grinned, "Now go, and become the best artist you can be,"

~It's just a course,~ I signed.

"I said what I said, now go," Dinah chuckled, pushing me out of the car, "Now remember, if something happens, call me, or Oliver, and we will come to your aid no matter what."

I nodded, showing her my phone for accentuation.

"Good," Dinah nodded, "I'll be here to pick you up at six!" she added.


[Star City. January 13, 12:30 PDT.]

All I wanted was to have a nice freaking class of peaceful art.

But nooooo.

The universe said, fuck you, and your art kid, enjoy this owl-looking motherfucker.

"Hello, little bird,"

How did my art class go to hell?

Well, I have no idea.

Everything was going great, during class I was having the time of my freaking life painting a fruit bowl with some of the exported acrylic paint Dinah had ordered for me, then during the scheduled break, I went to college's rooftop to avoid being disturbed as I ate a foot-long sub I had bought beforehand at a gas station with Dinah prior coming here, and the next thing I know is, well a man with an owl mask tried to dart me as I was about to take the first bite of my sub.

I dodged, of course, thank Oliver and his arrows for that, but still, here I was, looking at a man with an owl mask.

Which meant one thing, the Talons of the owl court were after me, why? Well, I had a few ideas as to why my power was probably my safest bet.

"Come with me if you want to live, little owlet," The Talon offered, extending his hand.

I stared at the man and called my sister.

From that point on, all I had to do was buy some time.

"Bad call, little owlet," The Talon sighed, knives drawn.

Grabbing my bag, I flung it to the Talon, who kicked the bag out of his way with shocking finesse, as he threw a few knives my way.

Seeing this, I rolled to the side, avoiding the projectiles as I made my way towards him.

At the same time, the Talon looked at me and chuckled, hurling his remaining knives at me with incredible speed.

However, I ducked under his projectiles just in time to avoid them. Then, when I was close to the Talon, I threw a hard punch to his jaw, putting all my weight into it. The blow pushed the Talon back, and I followed with a kick to his legs.

Chuckling, the Talon retaliated by slashing my chest with his claw, drawing some blood.

In pain, I jumped a few steps back.

"Minor superstrength, good to know," The Talon stated, cracking his neck, his right hand covered in my blood. "Also, high tolerance to pain, kudos to you owlet,"

I frowned.

"We have been waiting since your time in Gotham, for you to be unprotected little owlet," The Talon began, "Which surprisingly took us a lot of time… if it wasn't Batman, it was Black Canary or Green Arrow, but now... You are all alone,"

Since Gotham, they had kept tabs on me since then? But why? I did nothing out of the ordinary.

The Talon chuckled, "Oh well, let us continue before your sister arrives, don't you think?"

I had two options, fight and possibly be captured, or run, and endanger everyone in this building.

Fighting it is.

"Good," The Talon nodded in approval, pulling a new weapon into view, a sword, one unnaturally large. "Let's continue," he added, raising the sword above his head, as he swung it down at me.

Seeing this, I jumped back once again, narrowly dodging the sword, as I hurled one of my pocket knives at him with all my strength, however, the Talon didn't move, simply catching the knife with a single move of his hand.

His reflexes were too fucking good.

"Keep trying owlet," The Talon chuckled, tossing my knife back at me, I however didn't catch it, selecting to avoid the projectile that lodged into the ground.

Then, as the Talon was about to take a step forward an arrow landed on his feet.

"How about I try?" That voice… Oliver.

"It seems the cavalry arrived a bit early," The Talon spat, looking at Green Arrow.

"Are you okay kiddo?" Green Arrow asked.

I nodded, looking at my bloodied chest.

"Well, if you are here, the little canary is not too far, so, that's my cue," The Talon sighed, "Bye bye~" and with that said, the Talon threw a smoke bomb into the ground, vanishing into God knows where.

"Well, your sister is gonna kill me," Oliver sighed, as the smoke cleared.

I blinked and looked at him, giving him a look that said, why?

"I told her to relax, to give you some space, and this happened," Oliver groaned, "She might even try to shave my mustache!"

I deadpanned.

"Sorry, sorry," Oliver sighed, walking towards me, a frown on his face, "We need to treat that wound,"

I nodded, it was hurting, and considering I fought an assassin, it was best to avoid.

"David!" And there comes momma bird, hehe. Fuck! The puns are spreading!

~Hey,~ I waved at her, looking down.

"Who did this?" Dinah growled, anger seething out of her.

"I don't know," Oliver replied, "He… was a new one,"

~He had an owl mask, and came from Gotham,~ I signed.

"I will have a trip to Gotham then," Dinah muttered darkly.

"Batman won't like that," Oliver chuckled.

"I don't care," Dinah shot back.


[Gotham City. January 19, 12:30 CT.

Dick Grayson POV]

Someone from Gotham had tried to hunt David, someone I didn't know about, according to Black Canary's chat with Batman, they were from here, and I knew everyone from here, but not them.

I found that puzzling.

So, it was up to me to see why, after all, Batman was otherwise too busy with other cases.

Which is why I was currently inside an empty apartment looking for some clues, according to Batman's servers and the information inside them, here I would find more about what had happened, and why.

"You can come in now," I sighed out loud to the seemingly empty apartment. "And before you say anything, I'm sorry,"

Batman who I knew was here, entered through the window of the apartment, his suit blending with the night outside, "What are you doing, Dick,"

"They tried to attack my friend, and I want to know why," I replied, avoiding his piercing gaze.

"You are not ready" Batman scowled.

"Then you've been training me in what? Monkey training?!" I shot back, realizing the tone I was using a bit too late.

Batman scowled even harder, beyond clear physical restrictions, "I will assume that was an ill attempt at humor. I trust you, Dick, I do, but these people, and what they represent are too much for you to handle, especially alone,"

"I'm sorry, I'm just angry they attacked my friend, is that bad?" I sighed, slumping down.

"No, that makes you human," Batman replied, putting his hand on my shoulder.

"So who did this?" I asked with a sigh, taking a seat on a nearby chair.

Batman replied, "They call themselves the court of owls,"

"The court of owls?" I asked, frowning. That sounded lame.

Batman nodded, "They rarely operate outside Gotham, and more than not, they avoid league related activities, this was a calculated risk, they knew who he was, and to who he was connected, and yet they risked it all, something doesn't feel right,"

"His powers?" I muttered, that had to be it, if they knew about his powers, they would want to weaponize him, a nuke at their hands but better.

Batman shook his head, "Too soon to say, but I'm not ruling anything out,"

"I see," I mumbled.

"Go home," Batman added, going back to his scowling mode.

I nodded with a tired sigh, "Fine,"

"And for the record, you are grounded," Batman said, walking towards the window, his cape sweeping the floor.

"I figured," I replied with a groan, following him.


[Gotham City. January 14, 9:30 CT.

1 Day After The Attack.

Talon POV]

Our mission to capture David Lance had failed miserably. We had been unprepared for the quick response time of his caretakers and David's own personal skill in combat.

The kid was leagues away from being a threat, but even then, he had managed to stall me, dodging my first strike, and the following, buying the time required for him to avoid capture.

A remarkable feat.

"You failed," The parliament speaker said as I nodded.

No need to sugarcoat it.

I had failed on my assignment.

"So, it was a fruitless effort," The parliament sighed.

I nodded.

Now that the league undoubtedly knew about our attempt by now. Meaning from this point on any attempts on getting the kid would be impossible.

The League would be on him, protecting him.

"We will need to relocate," The parliament speaker sighed, "We need to lay low for a while."

"What about the kid?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"We will leave that for now," The parliament speaker replied, "As of now, any attempt on his life, would and could mean our downfall, the court must hide in the shadows."

I nodded, smiling under my mask, the little owlet had escaped out talons, kudos to him.

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