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[Star City. January 13, 15:30 PDT.]

I became a hero, kinda.

I was a sidekick, working with my sister Dinah.

It was Batman's idea surprisingly, I really didn't want to do it perse, nor did Dinah want me to, but he convinced her, saying I needed a purpose, a reason to not let my emotions, my power consume me, and that living in isolation would do that eventually.

I didn't know how to feel about that.

But in a way, I understood his reasoning, he was trying to avoid letting me fall into the dark pit known as depression, by giving me a fulfilling purpose.

Funny how things play out.

After he convinced Dinah, well, as I said before, I became her sidekick.

Black Bolt.

I picked the name in honor of the man that shared in a distant universe the same burden as me.

It felt right.

As for what I was doing, well, Dinah was keeping me out of danger's path, my training was yet to be completed, and while I was almost sure I could avoid talking or making any type of sound.

Precautions had to be made.

Especially considering I can level a city with a whisper.

Anyway, my life now basically consisted of helping Dinah with minor crimes, like robberies and such, and going back to the soundproof bunker to continue with my training.

So far I could break bones and not utter a sound, most of the time, according to Batman at least, he didn't actually break my bones, or Dinah, in her own words would've castrated him with a pencil. So, instead of breaking my bones, Batman brought a small device that he made that made me feel the pain of breaking a bone or two, by sending direct signals to my brain that basically emulated the feeling perfectly.

No idea why Batman had such a device.

But I really didn't care.

As for Dinah, well, she wasn't exactly happy about this training method, but after some dialog with her, I convinced her to let me do it, I needed this.

I needed to be able to control any type of vocal reflex, regardless of the situation, which lamentably included pain.

"You are making remarkable progress," Batman nodded in approval as he approached me, getting compliments from him was always weird.

~Well I try~ I smiled ever so lightly.

"I know it must be hard, and that no one can really relate to your situation, but know that you are doing what is right," Batman replied, his disturbingly cold gaze on me. Even when being friendly the man was unnerving.

~I guess~ I nodded.

"My new sidekick is coming later today to meet with you," Batman added, and I could almost swear I felt fondness on his tone, "He knows about your unique condition, so don't worry about explaining much."

I eyed Batman and gave him a look that said, why?

"You need to socialize with people close to your age," Batman replied, reading my look. "You live in a soundproof military-grade cave, you only go out to help Black Canary every now and then, and the only people you talk to are Green Arrow, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, and me, all adults, that is not healthy." if only you knew how old I really was Bruce.

~Well, you are the boss here.~ I sighed, I mean, he was paying for the majority of the shit I used, including the soundproofed military base, that although was not strong enough to stop me, was resilient enough to tank a whisper, at least according to his calculations, and he was Batman, so I believed him.

"Needless to say, I'm not ordering you to meet with Robin," Batman added. "But I think you need to socialize with people your age." people my age, funny.

~When is he arriving?~ I suppose meeting Robin can't be that bad.

"He's already here," Batman scowled looking towards a corner in the base.

"How did you even know?!" And there is Robin.

"I told you to wait." Batman glared at the kid as he came into view.

"I was excited to meet him." Robin chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

~Hey~ I waved.

With a smile, Robin approached me and started to move his hands, ~I'm~ pause, ~learning~ long pause, ~Sign language~

I had to fight the urge to chuckle right there, not a good start. ~Batman, do you happen to know where is my notepad?~ I asked the dark knight.

"No, but I have one here," Batman replied, pulling a notepad from his belt, god that thing really does have everything. "Here's a pen." I definitely want one of those for X-MAS, I wonder if Dinah can make it happen.

-Hi there- I wrote.

"Sorry, I just started learning… like two days ago." Robin smiled shyly.

-It's cool, we can use the notepad for now, at least until you understand what I say without it.- I wrote, that I really didn't care if people talked with me using sign language, but them understanding was always helpful.

"I'll leave you two alone," Batman said, walking out of the room.

-So, is this a batplaydate?- I wrote, making Robin chuckle.

"I suppose in a way." Robin snorted.

-So, my name is Black Bolt, I'm twelve years old, and well… I live here.- I wrote making conversation.

"I'm nine," Robin began, "I live with Batman, and my codename is Robin."

-So what, sidekick squad?- I grinned.

"Oh god, that sounds awful." He laughed. "But sure, why not, sidekick squad!" he added, high-fiving me.


[Gotham City. February 21, 16:30 CT. 2008]

Robin was a good kid.

A bit too energetic for my taste, but a good kid nonetheless, very smart too, the little bastard learned sign language, fluently, in less than one month.

A feat that took me almost a year to complete.

I guess that's why he was considered a genius.

As for Batman, well, he was especially interested in me making connections with his protege, which is why, I was currently on Gotham, helping them with some minor crimes.

This was a big step for the Dark Knight, if there was someone in the superhero business that was, territorial, it was him, so needless to say I was surprised when he invited me to help in Gotham for a bit.

And even more, surprised when Dinah allowed me to go.

So, with that said and done, I went to Gotham, though I have to admit, I was a bit reluctant to go on this business trip so to speak.

Because the Joker terrified me.

Which is funny, with my powers I could solo him with ease, but still, if there was one villain that creeped me out, it was him. He was utterly crazy, and that scared me a bit.

Anyway, working with Batman was a bit different than working with Dinah or Oliver, Batman was an odd character so to speak, ever silent, and at the same time, very communicative.

He had looks and grunts for every scenario.

One look, could mean anything between, go there, to wait here.

It was a confusing time for me.

Robin helped though, whenever I didn't understand one of Batman's grunts or silent glares, he would translate them for me.

As Robin jokingly put it, the Batman GLARE language was a thing.

"It was fun, maybe Batman will let you come to Gotham more often." Robin smiled, as we tied a few robbers that had tried to rob a bank.

~It was.~ I nodded, slapping one of the robbers that was trying to bite me.

~Well, let's go.~ Robin grinned.


[Gotham City. February 22, 16:30 CT.

Batman POV]

David Lance, code name. Black Bolt.

David Lance shows all the signs of a clinically depressed person, his isolation, and lack of normal human stimuli are slowly but surely weighing him down.

But the biggest chain of them all are his powers. His powers and the constant threat they represent are an impossibly large looming shadow above his head, above everyone's head.

A new plan had to be created, for the worst-case scenario. Security level. Omega, password Delta Charlie 27 51939, new contingency plan, under the file Agamemnon Contingency.

Should Black Bolt become a threat, we need to be prepared for the worst. Contingency file, Codename The Silent End.

If Black Bolt ever becomes a threat to the planet, the following protocols will need to be enacted to ensure our survival.

Black Bolt's power differ a lot from Black Canary's powers, medical tests show his powers are directly connected to the left hemisphere of the brain, connecting directly to the speech zone of the brain. Results for containment are inconclusive, further testing is required, though results show that tear gas if administered quickly enough, should cut off his ability to speak and scream, and should this not be enough adding a well-timed blow to the trachea should do the trick. Alternatively should this not work, the best way to disable his powers would be to distract him. His sister is an excellent blind spot, as is his fear of killing everyone. Taking hostages is also a good distraction, particularly if he knows them, should this prove to be ineffective, battle relocation is essential, while his powers are dangerous he himself is a human with minor superstrength, relocating the battle to an enclosed zone should limit the use of his powers out of fear of killing himself, recommendation, underground location.

The Silent End, file closed.

"Black Bolt left," Robin said, as he entered the Bat cave.

"I know," I replied, turning the pc off.


[Star City. March 13, 12:30 PDT.

Dinah Lance - Black Canary POV ]

I loved my brother. How could I not? In more than one way, he was my world, mine to protect, after all, that was my job as his big sister.

And that was exactly why it hurt me to know I had no way to help him, not really.

His powers were beyond anything we have ever seen in our family. Minor superstrength, minor superspeed, minor super stamina, and minor superhuman durability.

Batman's theory suggests his powers mutated from our family line, creating something entirely new, and dangerous.

His sonic scream was leagues above my own, and simulations suggest he could level cities with but a word.

I could see he was depressed.

Isolation was drowning him in a sea of despair, and the looming shadow of danger that his powers represented only helped to cement his own self-loathing.

He would say no, that he wasn't sad or anything, but I knew better.

Which is why I had accepted when Batman told me to put him under my wing, that helping others would break him out of his own shell of misery, and give him a purpose.

I was happy with this because it worked.

He was getting better, helping others, forgetting for a moment the weight he had on his shoulders.

Many start on this career because they need to help others, he started because he needed to help himself.

Just like Batman.

Heck, Batman with all of his cold disturbing demeanor was actually trying to help him, he was even arranging playdates with his sidekick Robin.

"Dinah, so… I was thinking," Oliver said, snapping me out of my long reverie.

"Yes, I would love to go out with you," I replied with a smile.

"How did you… never mind," Oliver chuckled with a blush.


[Star City. March 13, 01:30 PDT.

Oliver Queen - Green Arrow POV]

David Lance was a good kid, with more weight on his shoulders than any kid or adult for that matter should have.

I don't know what would I do if I had the power to destroy a city by simply talking. I really wished I could help him more, but even the Bat was at a loss with how to suppress his powers.

Even the inhibitor collars didn't work on him, though according to the Bat it's because we don't have enough data on his powers to actually code a collar to work on him.

It broke my heart when I told him about the collar, and the chance he could speak again, because for a moment he seemed hopeful, and then, it didn't work.

That day, I failed him and I lost my third arrow cave.

I wonder if this is how Supes feels all the time, so much power on the tip of his hands, one wrong move, he could kill those who he's trying to save, perhaps I should introduce the two of them, perhaps they would relate to one another.

If I was in his shoes, I would like to know someone who can relate to me.

"Oliver, I am the woman and I am already ready!" Dinah shouted.

"I'm almost done!" I shouted back.

"You said that thirty minutes ago!" Dinah sighed in annoyance.

"I want to look pretty okay?" Why can she understand?! My elegant mustache needs some work, delicate work, after all, perfection takes time.

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