You might be wondering. Corn, why are you so sexy?

---Well, I use the blood of my enemies as soap.

Hahaha, jokes aside. I know some of the real questions you have. And let's answer them in order before beginning this novel.

~Question 1 = Why are you starting a new novel?

This project is an old idea. One I feel it's time to publish for a vast list of reasons, including patrreon opinion.

~Question 2 = What's gonna happen with your other novels, like Naruto, Overlord, Twilight, and Marvel?

Well, I debated for a long time about this. For Naruto, Overlord, and Twilight, they will be finished, believe me, I am working on them, but because I'm not working as often on them as on other projects like Marvel, DC, and One Piece, the updates are slow, so for them, I have decided to post everything once I finished them. Like a single mass release for them, to avoid long hiatuses.

Now, as for Marvel, Marvel will continue updating. The schedule, however, will change a bit. I will update between 4-5 chaps a week for Marvel, all on Saturday. In a single burst, so to speak. Why am I doing this? Well, the end of Marvel it's quite, and I mean, quite near, after this coming Arc the following arcs will be short, compared to the last ones, so as to have more time to work on the end, that I already have in docs, but want to edit here and there, I am changing the way the novel will be updated.

~Question 3 = When it's Avatar the sequel coming up?

December. It's coming in December. Now you have a date.

~Question 4 = What will be the update rate of this novel?

7 chaps a week, minimum. More if Corn feels sexy, which it's dependent on my ranking on the site. Corn feels really sexy on TOP 3.

~Question 5 = Will this be an harem novel?

I can't believe people keep asking me this. No. No. No. I am a Corn of class.

~Questions 6 = What DC world is this novel set in?

Young Justice, but some of the characters like Deathstroke and others, are based on their best selves from other DC worlds.

~Questions 7 = How long will this novel be?

Please, don't ask me this. As we have seen before, I am terrible at giving chapter count estimates.

Well, that's all. Enjoy.

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