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DBZ:Legend of Xicor


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A powerful saiyan hybrid is born on as friezas brother and goku’s cousin how will this (AU) of the dragon ball universe unlfold find out in this novel I’m new to this so help me out here and give me tips and tricks that help me out with this and if you don’t like a part of the story at least take a break then come back and read a few more chapters to see how that decision will end but if not this is not a airport the readers do not need to know of your departure thank you for not flying ballin airlines and be on your way to reserve everyone’s YOUTH!!!!! ........Gai wtf get out of here this isn’t a Naruto novel (not owned by me) jeez talk about timing but like I was about to say to reserve everyone’s-Za Worldo.....know what forget it jeez can’t even finish what I wanted to say not like you would listen anyway *sigh* (The Dragon ball series is not owned by me but by Akira Toriyama or toei animation) (Xicor is not mine either he is owned byToyble) (Cover is not mine message found it on google me if you need me to change it) (All characters are owned by there respective owners other than some OC’s that show up)


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