1 Re-living the past

The dead silence in a prison at night is absolutely suspenseful. All you hear is the breathing of the other inmates, but the thing is everybody in here is just waiting for their death. Prison isn't so bad if you're in here for a simple reason, but the thing here is, I'm in here because of 3rd degree murder. Because of my crimes, I'm charged with execution by electric chair. My death date is the tomorrow, but I just wished that I lived my life better.

One of the guards walks up to my cell and starts banging on it.

"Hey! 035467 get your fucking ass up and tell me what you want for your final meal! Once you eat, you've only got 10 minutes to say your prayers!"

From all of that yelling and banging that sure woke me up.

"Just get me a pizza." Vincent says carefree

The guard turns his back and walks away.

"Vincent, you should've moved on from the past, and because you didn't look at you now, right about to die."

After hearing what he had to say I thought to myself if only I wasn't such a coward like I was back then, then this could've been different.

If only I was like I was back then I could've made so much of a difference. I dedicated myself 30 years to kill one man and an entire mafia just because he killed everyone I was close to, and look what happened I manage to pull it off and now it costs me my life. If only I could just go back before all of this.

I closed my eyes just for a quick second, but before I knew it I was passed out asleep. I saw the familiar faces that I had cared for and all of the blood shed that happened because of that one man.

I opened my eyes and I didn't see that familiar ceiling of my decade year old jail cell. Instead I saw another familiar ceiling from when I was 12 years old. I sat up slowly staring at my hands then finally realized what's going on.

"Hold on what the hell is this?! Somebody playing a prank or something?!"

I ran out of my bedroom and straight into the bathroom. Even staring deeply at myself in the mirror, but I still couldn't stop freaking out.

"This must be a dream! Yeah that's right just a dream."

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I stepped back a little then pinched myself. After that I blinked 5 times. Nothing happened

"N-no fucking way this isn't a dream?!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

I ran downstairs, but what I saw downstairs made my heart skip a beat. I was greeted with a good morning by 3 very familiar faces. My mother, my sister, and my dog. Tears suddenly flowed down my eyes.


My sister walked for to me and started pulling on my cheek.

"Hey, what's gotten into you I know you're a cry baby, but what's there to even cry about?"

This is my little sister even though I'm only 6 months older than her. Her name's Sierra but only family calls her that, everyone else calls her Sier. We didn't get along all that much, but she was family so of course I cherished her.

I looked over to mom making a saddened face.

She's such a sweet person who always thinks about others before herself. After mom and father divorced she did everything she had to take care of us.

"Honey, what's wrong?" My mother said in a concerned voice

I wiped my tears with a smile on my face.

"It's nothing, but can I just say that I love you guys so much."

Mom looked at me with a smile and told me she loved me in return. Sier just looked at me with a sigh then returned it too.

Mother went over to the kitchen bringing plates to the table.

"Hurry and eat up before it gets cold! Both of you need to go get ready for school!"

The both of us went to the table and sat down gobbling the meal she made for us. After a few minutes we got out of our chairs running to get our backpacks then walked out the door.

"See you later mom!" We both said in sync

We both walked out of the door to go to school. It was silent for a moment, but then there was someone behind us, in fact there was five of them according to the shadows. I felt their presence and I glanced back with murderous intent, but all of a sudden they jumped on me.

"Vincent!! What's with the scary look?"

I felt her smooth luscious beautiful black hair hit my face. I stopped for a second to take a good look at her.

"I-it's you..." I said with a troubled tone

"Yeah it's me! Don't you remember me?"

I kept staring at her but then after blinking a few times I got back to my senses.

"How could I ever forget you?....Jasmine." I said with a smirk on my face.

I glanced over with a bigger smile.

"Sam, Jaxon, Sarah, and Marilyn"

Sam is the nerd of the group and overly cautious, he's slim and scrawny, and always fixing his glasses. Jaxon is the most athletic of us, he's popular, he has a strong build, and he does boxing, he's got it all. Sarah is the most cheerful of them all, she thinks of the bright side of things, and always hits it off with anyone. Marilyn is probably the most awkward out of all of us, she just always gets herself in these uncomfortable situations. Last but not least Jasmine. She's the tough one out of us, and a real hot head.

Sarah walked up to me with a smile that could light up the world.

"Vincent! Bro! What's the matter? You're always so gloomy and serious, but we all know how much of a softy you are. You're so kind hearted, and don't think we didn't see what you did to the kittens in the alley!"

I slap the both my cheeks to get my senses back.

"Yeah, yeah whatever."

Sier clapped the both of her hands.

"Come on guys we'll be late!!"

The 7 of us ran to school to get there on time, but after seeing all those precious faces I promise that I'll save all of them, but first I'll need to work up this stupid body.

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