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Daylio: How Are You?


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What we all want is to fit in the world that we live in. Gusto natin na mapabilang tayo, na maramdaman nating we’re always worth the effort, the presence, the person that we are. In those instances, we can’t help but to think out all of the bright places we can wander to during the darkest of our times. In times of grief, sadness, and constant darkness, gusto lagi nating makatakas. Gusto nating mapag-isa upang maramdaman kung paano ka nilalamon ng lupa o paano ka panakluban ng langit. We constantly look for a shelter to cover us from the rain, but we always end up wet and cold. Look around for a piece of paper—a blank piece of paper. Stare at it and it will remain that way. Write up your thoughts and watch how things went that day. A home is not always a place, as they say. It’s okay to get lost, just make sure you can find your way back home—one jot a time.


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