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Day Dreaming


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Wendy comes to have a crush on a man called Jung Hoseok when he saved her from an abusive man who is hitting his wife ....when they were all on vacation in Jeju. It is her first time to like a man. Later she learns that their fathers are friends and would like them to marry. The problem is Wendy finds out that Jung Hoseok is a gay (although it is a not true). Wendy would like to refuse to the marriage even how much she is fond of him, but the fathers insist they work together at his family's hotel to get to know each other. Wendy and Hoseok gets to near each other more and become friends. Wendy also meets another man who seems to interests in her, one of the most important man in hotel management team, Mr Lee Min Hong. Her appearance with Lee Min Hong makes Hoseok realises his feeling for Wendy is more than a friend and he doesn't want to lose her. Especially when Lee Min Hong is known to be a womaniser very unlike him, who he considers himself a boring normal guy and a loser in first love. How will he try to tell his feelings to Wendy? ......... (Chapter 19) Wendy: "Hope...you behave so badly today .. especially how you appear in here. it's so  rude.." Hoseok: "I know. .I can't help it...!" Wendy: "Why!" Hoseok: "Do you like him ...do you like Lee Min Hong?" Wendy: "Well I'm getting to know him.. what's wrong if I like him!" At that... Hoseok just couldn't control himself more..he just grab Wendy's face and kisses her on the lips. .... Wendy: "What does this mean Hope ...you like both women and men? but you should never cheat Jimin. ." In this, Hoseok remembers she has mistaken him as gay man...and somehow an idea just come to him. Hoseok: "Er....I'm very sorry Wendy.. I just want to know how it feels like to kiss a woman." Wendy: " it's just that?" ...... Hoseok continues,  "Will you marry me? Wendy" Wendy: "Are you crazy.... whatever is happening to you ??" Wendy looks up at Hoseok..His face is very serious. ........ Wendy: "I will need to think about it!!" ..... The story has completed.