148 Yuletide Feast

Skye held Zazzy in her arms as the four men in the room gawked in astonishment. A dragon hadn't been seen in Alcon for centuries, and now the princess was cuddling one. The entire time the men were chasing it, Tidas never felt hostility from it, only fear. He thought the way it ran about was similar to a search grid, but didn't think an animal was smart enough to be doing it on purpose.

   The prince knew how intelligent dragons were, but didn't realize he'd been chasing one. It'd been shocking to see how quick and agile the creature was. Tidas was faster, but that didn't matter much when it could duck into and under things where he simply couldn't fit. They'd cornered it twice, but both times it had gotten away. The last time, Zazzy nearly smushed Petrie underneath a heavy bookshelf. It knocked the case over as she jumped from the top, and over Lucas' head. He'd yelped like Skye, and sounded like her too.

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