134 Kingdom’s Divide

When Skye awoke the next morning, Tidas was just getting out of a shower. He came out of their restroom with only a towel on, bringing a smile to her face. She asked if he'd been up all night, and became irritated that he'd said yes. She'd tossed and turned all night without him, and told him that she blamed him for it. Tidas had found her surly morning attitude adorable, prompting him to walk over, and wrap his arms about her.

  Tidas had purposely stayed away. If Skye told him that Marco had touched her in any way, he would've lost his temper. He hadn't drank much, but it was enough to affect his judgement. After two hours of chatting with the guests and victors, the prince had went to find his oldest brother; to confront him. 

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