297 Battle For The Highlands


 Murdoc rode his horse in the direction of the Alconian Prince, then dismounted mid-stride. He hollered Tidas' name as he barreled towards him, seething with murderous intent as his magic surged. Tidas gripped his weapons as his eyes zeroed in on his target..

The two sides parted as their Commanders raced head-first at each other. An eerie silence fell over the battlefield as the warriors watched with baited breath..

 When the two swords collided, the clash echoed across the battlefield. Both men gritted their teeth as eerie smiles stretched across their faces. They parried each other's attacks, then struck at each other again.

 Tidas wasn't as big as Murdoc, but his agility more than made up for it. The Highlander fought with all the power of a torrent river, but the Alconian Prince simply shifted his flow.

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