Dawn of the Lion Knight Book

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Dawn of the Lion Knight


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With his last breath, the last of the great dragons. He appointed kings and sovereigns to the humans he had raised. Leaving them the secret of soul flames and living metal, but as he closed his eyes and let out one last great flare, he sang a prophecy. ‘When the last of the pure-blooded dragons gaze in terror at the frozen throne, when the terrors clothe themselves as men and the beasts form their ranks. He will come, a new light that will shine on humankind. He who was baptized three times will be the greatest of his house. Kneeling as a warrior, he will rise as a king, leaving the red and wearing the blue with pride. His voice will bring dawns, and from the look of his eye, nightmares will return to the shadow. All hail the Sun King.’ *** Upload Schedule: Daily


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