Dawn of the Guardian Book

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Dawn of the Guardian


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'HELLO MASTER' (The words Faded into the blank page) I screamed and let go of the book 'PLEASE, DO NOT BE FRIGHTEN, I COME TO SERVE WHOEVER THE BOOK CHOOSES' "Wow, I'm now going crazy, what's more weird, the fact that words are magically being written on the page or the fact it just turns itself" 'THE ANCIENT BOOK HAS HELPED PEOPLE GET THEIR DESIRED ONCE UPON A TIME AND HAPPY ENDINGS. BUT ARE YOU READY TO ENBARK ON THIS JOURNEY' She had a perfect life, a perfect family, perfect friends, perfect grades she had everything she could ever want But all that is about to go up in flames. What happens when a teenage girl is chosen not only to save our world but dimensions that have only ever existed in books She has to remember: What you want doesn't matter until it matters where it's needed the most.


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