1 1 Boredom

Somewhere on earth.

A black figure wearing torn robe running away from huge figure in the middle of city that seems as it just has an apocalypse.

Fire spread around, buildings cracked, blood and corpses were places around everywhere.

It scenery look like a hell on earth.

A big figure was an Orc, it was trying to catch a human in front of it. Somehow a human movements and speed was make it's hard for the Orc to catch up

A black figure with torn robe run through a lifeless city jumped on ruins and climb wrecked buildings.

A black figure movement was far from normal his agility and speed was somehow surpassed a human limits.

He run to the road where there's no more fire or corpses. To say this road looks better than other part of the city.

"Oi right now!" A youth human shouted and quickly jumped aside.

Then a figure appears in front of orc, A figure with brown hair wielding a rpg and shots it right in the positions where the boy just jumped aside.

An rpg reach to a huge green figure, impact on the body of orc, caused an explosion with loud sound

"Home run!"

After heard that a youth in torn robe quickly stand up and walks toward where the orc clashed with an explode.

"It hit?"

A youth in torn black robe asked.

"It does you can believe in my skill, Libertas."

A youth with brown hair laugh after he said those words.

Still a youth in torn black robes show a stern expressions while he pull an iron katana from his sheath.

"Arrrh!!!" A cry of rages come from a figure inside the explosion. An orc dashed with it strong legs which seem to be no part of it's skin left. It's anger reached the point where it could ignore the pain that cause by a thing that clash with it huge body.

The distance between it's and two youth decreased until there are only few meters left.

Somehow a youth in black torn robe use an iron katana cut through it's throat before it even reach them. "Well Danny that's look like it was not enough to kill it."

A youth in torn black robe, Libertas said with smile.

"Still we did it" A youth with brown hair said.







Three months ago

Before the apocalypse

On a normal day in a big city.

"Catch this!" and a boy kicked a ball.

On the green field there is a group of youths playing football in the noon. Which look like they having a P.E. class

A black gaze then turn back to a blackboard inside the classroom. 'Boring.. so boring..'

A teenager wearing the school uniform sitting in

the classroom on the third floor of a building.

'I wish the sky falls, there's no point living a bored life like this.'

'I hope something happen anything bring me out from this boring situation from this school, this country or maybe I should go work a broad to explore something I have never seen.'

His thought running through his head about his boring life.

He was an ordinary youth but what's seem not to ordinary was his boredom that may higher than

normal person.

'I live like a normal I have grown up normal and trying to success like normal.'

Thinking like that he is clench his fist as he try to inspect his arm muscle.

'To change from ordinary to extra ordinary maybe what require would be strength or knowledge that's why I ended up in this class room.

"Libertas, are you listening?" A sound came from

a man standing in front of the class wearing a cold expression while his gaze fall on a youth with white skin, both of this eyes and hair were black. A figure look not so tall but still he is looking good.

Libertas used to that gaze, at first it's was a warm welcome from this teacher but there's something happen. It's not really teacher faults that he could feel not liking the student that committed a lot of problems.

Libertas has once study hard in his class and paying attention until one day he is bored this class and walk out without any excuses. That is very rude in this country so it's normal for teacher to dislike him.

"Yes, teacher I always listening to you." Libertas replied after turned his gaze to a teacher that his face appear to be a bad mood.

"Then you might wanna answer this question, what is a formula of percentage of spilting for acid?"

This is a normal chemistry class on grade 11 and the question is not so hard.

But for Libertas who wasn't listening to his teacher for a whole class it's might be hard since he didn't pay any attention to his teacher. But still

'Well that was easy since I already studied it before in grade 10 with my extra class at home' his though is running with a normal speed before he replys to his teacher. "It's percent equal proton time one hundred divide by concentration."

The teacher nodded and tell Libertas to sit down while he turns to continue on teaching.

Time pass by just like that until it's the end of a day

Libertas walking down alone on the street with a sunset behind his figure.

'Today I need to read biology book for two hours and finish my chemistry homework then tomorrow I need to..' while he is falling down on his plan tonight and tomorrow. A youth running from behind him

"Oi Libertas!" A shout calling him, instead of turning back to see who called him he ignore it and continue on walking.

A boy around 17-18 with a tall figure who has a brown hair and brown eyes. The boy jumped to

Libertas and draped his left arm on Libertas neck.

"Where are you going, my friend?" The boy with brown hair said that while smiling for Libertas.

"Danny today I have to go home and study more."

Libertas replied with a boring expression.

"Hey you can't live just like that Libertas!, we are teenager so we should just fooling around and play some games in arcade or dating a nice girl!

'This guy can't think of anything that is not about doing stupid thing?' Libertas thinking like that while walking with his friend who always seem to be in a good mood.

"So Libertas today I, Sir Danny will take you to a very fun place so don't worry about those boring things like homework, I don't wanna see my friend living without a colorful in his life so just follow me"

Danny said after release his arm from Libertas neck.

'Well today I feeling like lazy so maybe I should go with him since I don't know what to do.'

"Fine Danny, I will go with you let's do something fun then." Libertas said while staring at a Ramen shop. "But first let's eat some Ramen."






"This place is fantastic isn't it, we can see all the city from here and moreover it's private view!"

Danny said that while he looks so exciting about this.

He looks so proud of it when he show this place to Libertas. "Yeah i agreed, this place really look fantastic but still how did you manage to find this place?"

Libertas showing a curios gaze to Danny since where they are isn't a normal place that only can see all the city above, since this place is high up on a mountain and so hard to walk up here.

No wonder he can lost in the forest while climbing up to this place.

It's look like rooftop of the old building among the trees yet it give a beautiful scenery but still look mysterious at the same time. It's atmosphere like a fantasies scene that he saw in movies.

Danny smiles after hear that his best friend, Libertas like this place and so curious to find out how he found it.

"Alright, if you wanna know I, Lord Danny will explain to you normal human haha!"

Libertas saw that his best friend wearing a proud expression, he can't help but sigh and turns his gaze to the city below his feet.

Danny see that Libertas is enjoying a scenery so he stop laughing and walk to stand beside his best friend.

"The truth is this is my first time here also.."

After hearing that Libertas turn his gaze to his best friend and frown his eyebrows. Saw that reaction Danny can't help but force a smile.

"Well I heard it from an owner of a secret bar that I always drink there he told me that there was an amazing scenery up here on Diabolus mountain."

"Diabolus mountain.." Libertas repeat the name of this mountain and falling down in his though at that moment. "What's wrong Libertas?" After see that Libertas thinking after heard the mountain name make Danny confused.

"Danny isn't this mountain called Numen mountain?" 'Usually I didn't pay attention to places name but normally this mountain called Numen mountain and Danny should knew it since we're both born here and live here for 17 years so we shouldn't misremembered the name of it and if we do why would Danny call it Diabolus?'

Danny think for a while and nodded his head "yeah it should be Numen mountain why do I call it Diabolus, maybe because the owner of that bar told me" After heard that Libertas connect the possibilities since he know something has gone wrong. 'Danny shouldn't misremembered it still why it has to be Diabolus in Latin Diabolus mean Devil and that is opposite from Numen which mean deity, why because the owner of that bar told him that doesn't mean he have to misremembered usually Danny was a type of people who remember things very good and he is better than me in the term of information about this city since he was the one who sell information at that bar.'

Secret bar is not normal bar but it's a place where people in this City will sell and buy information they even sell information in government.

And the reason why Danny go there because his father was a secret agent for this city security and has helped his father from young age.

The truth is Danny is an agent son, Danny also has a skill in buy and sell things just like information with that talent even his father needed him for his work even it's dangerous. Which mean he memories has to be quite good.

"Hey Libertas!" While Libertas falling down in his thoughts Danny keep calling him. "Liber stop thinking and watch that!"

Libertas turn his gaze at where Danny pointed and saw an almost transparent figure standing away from them in the forest where the moon's light can reach the half of it.

Libertas eyes widened with surprise and trying to run away. Still Danny hold him not to run behind because behind them was a cliff.

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