128 They do say, third time’s a charm

The grass was large and there were monsters everywhere but it didn't stop us even for a second.

Eventually, we passed the grasslands and neared the sacred forest: no purple thingies this time. But all my fears came alive when I saw those damn black, thick trees.

The forest was thick and we'd have to go on foot from here on out. Which meant our troubles only increased more and more. The horses were set free as they would only slow us down. Hopefully, they won't get eaten.

"You okay?" Brenda said.

"Ye-yeah." I couldn't control my nerves. I'd been here three times already and yet I still found it nerve-wrecking. "What about the cart?" I asked the old man.

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"They're properly trained. They'd go back to that village. And I'm pretty sure the villagers already knew that. And that's why they also gave us such nice service." The old man chuckled. He and his theories! Yeesh!

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