126 The village: a night to remember

I was sitting on a chair inside the house while the old man went out. I just watched the fire burn below the chimney.

I wonder how long that'll last. How long do I have to suffer? How long do people have to suffer because of me?

"Daarc, are you okay?" Alisa came closer to me and just stood there.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

She didn't say anything. She just stood there. She seemed a bit too concerned about me today. What was she up to?

Time passed and I tried to break the awkward silence. "I wonder when he's coming back."

"Worried about me are we?" The old man announced his presence with his sarcastic laugh and came in. Was he standing behind the door all this time? Probably not.

He had a bag full of stuff. Probably groceries. Jowy and Brenda were busy in the kitchen. So the old man took those bags there. Honestly, if I wasn't wrong this whole setup seemed kind of family-ish.

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