101 The consequence

Seagulls were chirping around. I slowly opened my eyes. The light was intense. The fresh smell of saltwater refreshed my memory.

What happened?

I tried to move my head. It hurt. I couldn't move my body.

Where am I?

All I could see was the blue sky ridiculed with white clouds and birds. The sound of water was calming my soul and the refreshing air pressed against my numb body. I tilted my head a little after some effort. I was on the deck of a ship, an unknown ship. The mast was different; the sails were white instead of black, and without skulls. The boat wasn't swaying much, so the weather was nice and even a novice like me could tell.

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"Row, row, row!" A flood of sound flowed in. There were people rowing the boat. It was a busy ship if nothing else.

But if I was on another ship then what happened to the pirates?

"Sir Denkaborkarere, he's awake." A strong masculine voice declared from a distance.

Wasn't that the name of the old man? How the hell did he pronounce it?

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