1 Birth of a princess

This is the story of a kingdom named Enchancia or where the king was very ruthless.He believed that all women wanted to marry him so that they could give him a child and become queens of his kingdom.But that king was very ruthless. He used to kill all the queens and their children.He never felt sorry for them.But after some time he got a daughter.All the servants and maidservants working in his palace were either surprised that the girl had taken birth.But his mother was killed as soon as he gave birth to her.The cruel kind tired to kill the girl and tried to strangle her.When the king was smothering the girl, the girl did not cry at all.After suffocating her throat, the king saw that girl not crying.Then that king did not kill her.And when he left from there, her maid hugged her and said. Well done my princess you didn't cry at all.But she was no ordinary child.She remembered her previous birth where she lived in a poor family and was murdered at the age of 22.She was very scared and did not want to believe that he was her father.Then that girl was named Aria.She was very intelligent, as she remembered her previous birth and she could speak but she was a small child. She used to talk in her mind.A few days after her birth her father came to see her.But she was very afraid of him.