1 Preface

In the red twilight light, a child followed her mother into the thick of the forest. Her soles sank completely into the wet litter, making every step difficult as the cold slowly crawled up her soaked pajama pants.

The kid ask, stumlbing.

"Mom, where are we going?"

The women stopped and waited while her little daughter climbed over a fallen tree trunk.

"It is not far away"

She promised, but her voice sounding no more than a soft wherper.

Completely cold, the six-year-old girl couldn't take it anymore. He opened his mouth to complain. "But I'm cold, let's go home."

The mother asked after a while. "Would you like me to tell you a story while we get there?" There was a smile on his face, but she looked at the little girl empty-eyed. Whoever didn't notice anything nodded enthusiastically.

The women leaned down to stroke her wind-pinched face.

"Then what would you say if I told you a story about what had happened a long time ago, yet no one knows it?" - grabbing her little girl's hand, and led it behind her. "A story about what the forest holds. Where the light no longer reaches, and where the breeze whispers your name, you will find the forgotten world on the edge of Eostre.

"In ancient times, this divided world was consumed by the flames of war. Humans and Feas have been fighting each other for generations, pushing everything to ruin. The war lasted so long that no one knew how it started or why they were fighting. Yet the sons drew their swords, as did their fathers, and hated, as did their grandfathers."

One day the ancient gods were bored of aimless fighting and determined to leave their creatures to their fate.

However, one of the gods still felt sorry for them.

Offering a last chance, the goddess selected seven mortals and endowed them with a portion of her own essence. The "golden core"

In the course of her work, she said to them, "The power is already yours, your decision on what to do with it.

The Patriarchs then put an end to the interracial war.To power, however, none of them remained as daggers, stray spirits in the background, maintaining the balance of their world.

The gift of the goddess, however, did not make them immortal. They remained mortal as did the people who stood above them. They loved, hated, made decisions, and were wrong.

"After their death, the gold core passed to their offspring" — the woman stopped, her voice unexpectedly hardened. - "but as usual, nothing lasts forever and this is where our story actually begins."

"By the end of the war, the Age of Tranquility had arrived. After many generations of the Patriarchs, Selina the Phoenix is ​​the Patriarch of Flames. And Lunaria is the Dragon, the Patriarch of the Darkness of the Night."

"Selina and Lunaria were inseparable in their childhood, but as the years passed their relationship deteriorated and Lunaria became jealous. As the years passed, Selina became a great leader, loved for her kindness and cheri, but as great and brilliant as her glory was, so was the shadow she cast on her sister, pushed into wild darkness. Mortals have always feared the guard of the night and her power. Selina did not see that the people had not given Lunaria all that she had and watched her unhappiness turn into something deeper, something darker. The Phoenix didn't do anything, maybe she didn't even know about it until it was too late."

Lunaria staged a rebellion and, by placing three other Patriarch next to him, waged a war against the Phoenix.

Aliz stumbled on a protruding branch and fell into the litter. Looking up, she no longer saw her mother. The forest was shrouded in complete darkness around her , the moonlight barely penetrating the dense foliage. She stood up, turned around anxiously as she spoke to her mother, but heard and saw nothing.

Suddenly a shadow appeared, a steel light gleaming in the hand, then the next moment a woman's scream split into the air and the child fell unconscious to the ground. The last what she saw is the blood-red gaze of the shadow rising above her.

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