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What is Daughter of the BL Lords!

Read Daughter of the BL Lords! novel written by the author Elvana on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering comedy, system, cultivation, transmigration, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I would describe myself as a BL fan. But that only applies to the novels and dramas I enjoy from the comfort of my own home. I do not like shipping real people; certainly not when they exhibit the toxic tropes found in my favorite novels. My long-time favorite novel to reread whenever I am feeling unproductive is The Dragon's Cloud Deity. A quick transmigration novel ending with our talented MC tragically stalked and seduced by a literal dragon in a cultivation world. This is exactly the sort of story I read to fall asleep grateful for my subpar living situation. SO. WHY. AM. I. HERE. "Sweetheart, be careful out there. Even within the sect there are dangerous men everywhere." "Papa, I know. You're the most dangerous existence across time and space. Whatever damned person tries to harm me really wants to die without an intact corpse." The Cloud Deity, or should I say papa's husband, quickly interjected. "Xiao Jin, leave the girl be. And child never speak like that. You're too young to discuss life and death matters." “Says the transmigrator to another transmigrator. I know you're thousands of years old, Sect Leader. But as a fellow transmigrator can you please stop treating me like a child?" I responded brazenly as usual. “Call him Father!” yelled the stupid dragon. Cloud Deity sighed and muttered to no one particular. "Honestly, what's more frightening, the Dragon Emperor or a young girl?" "A Dragon Bastard." "A young brat!" We pointed at each other responding in synch. He sighed again. … Author’s note: First novel, wish me luck! I will make a mass release once I have enough chapter drafts ready to go. Weekly releases with approximately 2,000 words per chapter.


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