Daughter of Aaliyah Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Daughter of Aaliyah


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What Aaliyah Shelby doesn't know is that by volunteering to help a Vampire get his revenge on the people that murdered him in his first life, she's tagging along in the game of hide and seek Dominique and his killers play. Aaliyah,21, is tired of her life and constantly tries to kill herself. Her family is dead, vampires have reduced the population of the human race and she might as well throw caution into the wind. That is...until she meets Dominique Creed, a torn Vampire with lust for not just blood nor sex, but Vengeance. And Danias Black, a werewolf that thirsts for nothing more than her blood to be shed. She finds out who the killers are and to her surprise, they are nowhere close to the monstrosity that she herself is.


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