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Dating the Male Lead


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The young and just approved bestseller author and journalist Shin Jie Jie is writing Boys Love stories for fun in her free time and puts them online to share with likeminded fangirls. Because it's not her bread and butter, she takes her sweet and leisure time to upload — much to the despair of her fans. Since the propaganda of same-sex relationships is still frowned upon and even prohibited in some areas of life in this country, few authors would dare pursue this genre if they wanted to gain fame or make money. So even if she uses an alias and thus was unknown, her superior style soon stood out and pulled over a steady stream of fans. One of those fans is the much-spoiled young miss of YNG Entertainment, Catherine Yang. As a vivid fan of Shin Jie Jie's online novel, she is waiting night and day for an update - fruitlessly. Flowing into a fit of rage, she attracted the attention of her brother, Michael Yang, who then proceeded to take matters into his own hands. If his sister wants to read, of course, the author has to write! How dare you slack off, rotten author! When Shin Jie Jie logged in the next day, she couldn't believe her eyes. Her novel was on the front page, number one hit! It's glory putting all the other stories miles behind. 'Highest Supported Online Novel of all Time'!!!??? 'Number One Sponsorship'!!!??? 'The Emperor of Heaven has Blessed You'!!!??? WTH??? Who is this Emperor of Heaven? She has never heard of him before? Shin Jie Jie was slapped left and right by all the zeroes behind that unholy sum of 'Blessing'. This so-called Emperor was just a scoundrel! Fans: Mighty author, we await mass releases! A rain of paid chapters! We want the whole book! A spin-off! And a sequel! +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1..... Author Jie Jie: "Which rotten child stole their rich parent's credit card! Come out! I swear not to spank you! Come here, let me teach you the value of money!" Big Brother Yang: "Slaves to money should better shut up and work!" Little Sister Yang: "Mighty author, I am your biggest fan! Please marry my brother!" Little does our Main Couple know that enemies will always meet on a narrow path. ------------------ A funny read, a slow romance, a power couple, lot's of sweet moments, pretty much a happy ending. Sprinkled with gayness on top. I wish you a happy time reading! For every Spirit Stone, the author will send you a silent blessing ✨ Chapters are unedited until the end of WPC. After WPC I will edit them, at least for grammatical errors and typos. Any constructive advice is welcome! Cover: The girl is drawn by Dadachyo, an amazing artist! Do check out their work and give them lots of love! As to the guy, I have no idea, do enlighten me, so I can give credit!


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