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What is Data Dragon Danika

Data Dragon Danika is a popular web novel written by the author gusdefrog, covering GAME EVOLUTION, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, LOVE, NEAR FUTURE, VIRTUAL CONNECTION REAL FRIEND, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 1.6M readers with an average rating of 4.76/5 and 42 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 463 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After a great deal of preparation, Danika begins her new digital dragon's life in a very small way. They say the "Living Jade Empire" creates individualized quests. They say it can read your mind. They say you can find your heart's desire. They say that there's never been a game like it, and they're right but… they're also wrong. The game is a data mine, built to retell the old tales that humans have been telling each other since language was invented. It doesn't read your mind, but it reads your search history, your favorites, and your blogs. The "Living Jade Empire" is literally crafted from fables, legends, fantasies, and maybe just a bit of stardust. But in the end, will the game be able to figure out what Danika wants most? Will the desires of other players take priority? Or, will playing it change her, until she desires what it can give her? A journey is always made up of many small steps, and this game has still only just begun.


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Thank you for reading! As of writing this note, I've been writing on this story every day for nearly three months. My head is full of little dragon thoughts. I am so honored to have been gifted so many small stones of power to hoard. (Keeping daily screenshots ❤️) And to each of you who have added it to your library, many thanks!! When I'm running low on energy I think, but I have X many readers for whom I must finish the tale properly! And this number has continued to slowly grow! *thrilled* Eventually I hope to convey the development of adventure, friendship, romance, and artificial intelligence before this story ends. Some of the questions that resulted in my story outline: Being a person doesn't require that you have all your limbs does it? It isn't based on your occupation is it? What color your skin is? Your wings or claws? And is it kidnapping if an AI is stolen? This tale is a descendant of Kiri to Shinkirō, which I began posting here as well a few weeks after beginning this story.


I can actually see this book becoming so big it becomes featured. It's that good. I didn't really have anything to complain about. There were times I got confused but I just reread and it made sense. Maybe it was just me? It's really different, maybe a little to different for some. I think gamers would love it though. So far the story is progressing nicely. Anyway great book. ❤️


This story sat untouched in my library for a week before I actually read it. It was only when I had no more road to go that I chose this. To gather enough will to read it, I even told myself that for many interesting synopsis, the only part interesting was the synopsis and I had learned the lesson the hard way. But boy I was in for a world of surprises the instant I begin my journey. How many chapters was this then. I read through all in one go, sacrificing a lot of sleep time. I won't say anything detailed about the story and intrude on others' fun. Well it basically about how Danika enjoys her game and equally, her life. Here the balance about game and life is done really well I think. And our author is a generous one. At least a chapter is released at the same time every day. Sometimes there is an extra chapter at night around the same hour. So no need to worry about withdrawal symptoms. Just go ahead and read boldly. Well besides the main story, the side stories will show you about the trivial matters about the characters' detailed thoughts not present in the main story and how extra characters see and feel.


This really is a good novel, a mixture of reality and fantasy with some western elements. I enjoy how the MC is a “non-human” which is something I always enjoy. The writing quality is great and I can’t find many serious mistakes, although there are a few barely noticeable ones. The update schedule is beautiful, with a chapter a day(which is quite tiring to do if you run out of back up chapters, so +108 Respect) The world background is still a bit confusing to me but I believe it will be easier to understand as I keep reading The character and story is also great. With Danika being fun to follow on her adventure. Of course if I needed to give a complaint, it is that not a lot of people have notice this novel yet, what is up with that? I hope you keep doing a great job author and I unfortunately can’t say anything to help you improve since your skills are much better than mine👍 I wish you good luck


Aaa, this story is so great I don't even know where to start. The whole thing is sweet and touching and packed full of lively, vibrant characters and intertwined stories. Once I started reading I ended up skipping the ongoing stories I read just so I could binge on this one. A fantastic piece of art!




This story is quite great if you looking for a story that is a game and with the main characters not OP and ruthless like most other than I highly recommend this one.


I LOVE this book. Especially the god of luck in all their forms. Dragons, immersive VR, complex world building both in the VR world of the story and the mundane world of the story. I found it hard to not devour this book on a single sitting! I recomend reading it slowly to really enjoy the characters and world similar to fine wine or excellently decadent chocolates.


I love the story from the beginning and it is such an amazing story!!! The characters are so realistic in the plot flows so well for me there is nothing that can make this story better!!! You won't regret spending your time reading the story!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜






Reveal spoiler


The author has done a really nice job presenting a world that contains game elements, slice of life, romance, and builds their world well. The plot is fun and cute and well worth the read


I have not read many novels from this site, but this one has left me very impressed. I am currently at chapter 142, despite the tracker placing me at Ch 0. Lets first quickly go over what this novel is not: This is not a battle filled 'I must become stronger' novel, if you had any such illusion after reading the description, please discard that notion. So what is this novel? Slice of life/romance is as close I can get, with some drama mixed in. It is a story about the lives of a group of people who meet in a game and become friends, and maybe more. The things they do in the game are there to show aspects of personality and to tell you their actual life stories, they are not the true focus of the story. I find it very refreshing to find a VR themed novel taking its time to develop a story outside the virtual world, while inside the virtual world. Additionally, considering its value in a broader sense than just the entertainment industry. VR is already used to train in a number of skills, there are certainly medical applications such as recovering from mental trauma. The writing quality is outstanding with few to no repetitions or overused words. I also admire the dedication in not writing specific things and letting the reader figure it out alone. Thank you, author, for your confidence in your readers. We want to be teased, we want hints and allusions, we want sudden surprises that cause what came before to suddenly make sense. It is much harder to write like that, so my respect for the story so far. The character design is good. There are few flat characters and those are the 'villager A' types. Recurring characters have complex personalities. Not complex as in hard to understand, but complex as in not having just one reaction pattern. A meek person gets snappy when stressed and tired and a shy person can get surprisingly playful and assertive when around people (s)he trusts. The only minus points are in the world building. The real world, the game world and the 'rules' of the game are mostly left alone. I do appreciate the points mentioned before, acknowledging that VR wouldn't be used for 'only' entertainment. You can have a job interview in VR. The story could play 'anywhere'... well as long as it snows in the area. At this point I have no idea if Danika is living in a big or a small city, what the area is like and I finally found out there is a sort of janitor/caretaker! (I'd have to look back for it to find the exact word and I'm too lazy). The game world is similarly vague with parts added/explored as needs for the story. I think it is absolutely fine for what the story seems to aim for, but it does mean I cant give it a full score. This has gotten slightly longer than I intended. I will now enjoy the rest of the novel until I am caught up with the current update.


Overall a good story you can tell the author is squeamish about ***** topics. Has good flow and rhythm. The author manages to do the unexpected frequently with the characters. Each day I wonder what Danika did today. The characters have become friends.


The beauty of the work astounds me I find it very fulfilling. I love the ideas and how they are woven together to make a story, intertwining different parts and pieces together to make a whole.


The story is of a girl that starts playing a new mmorpg with quite advanced IA and a lot of charcters possibilities, in which she plays a fairy dragon. She will meet various other players, and we follow her advantures, both inside the game and outside. The story is well writen and the characters are lifelike. Contrary to some other stories of the same type, both the scenes inside the game and in real life are quite plausible and interesting. Overall, a very nice novel.


this is a very well written story. the charackters are very relateable and unique. the game world is well thoughtout and the various infos we get aren't thrown in your face as walls of texts (most of the time). the story has some strange twists and erratic decisions, but that is how free open world rpgs are, so that is not really a malus either.


Hello, as far i can see this novel should get more popular as it goes on. Personally i really love the whole setting of game world and the side stories are very interesting too, Characters so far are very unique on their own . i hope something similar one day can be made to help people the same way as in the story i hope you wont give up on this story and thank you for writing it :)


This story is something I look for everyday,it is very compelling with a nice mix of vr and real world the athour the author is very good at usimy both worlds to explore each other allowing for you to get a feel fir both her and her character in game something that can be rather shards as a balance between both is not the simplest to strike


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