1 Oh Darling~

You had finally woken up. Then the hard truth had hit you. You weren't in your own house,but in someone else's.You couldn't remember what happened last night, all that was left from it was a scorching head ache. H-hello..? you asked in a soft tone, unsure of who might respond. You tried to open the door but it seemed like it was locked. Hm? ...its...locked..? HELLO! Someone? ANYONE! You kept on calling out to someone....well more like hoping that there was someone beyond that door.

The room you were in had no windows,didn't have a clock or anything that you could use to tell the time and it looked like a prison cell. The paint was old and it barely had the furniture you would expect a normal bedroom to have. You gave up after no one responded and simply took the time to observe your surroundings, and try to remember what happened last night. You tried your hardest to find any trap door or something that you could use to escape. But to no avail...nothing was found. Being frustrated you decided to lay down on the bed to collect your thoughts.

Sweetheart, im back~ said a strangely familiar voice. It took you by suprise. Someone was actually here?? What do they mean by "sweetheart"...? So many questions ran through your head, but they were put to a hault when you heard the keys jingle infront of the room door. I hope i didnt keep you waiting~ said the person in a...cheerful tone. You were anxious but happy that someone else was in the house. Maybe they could answer all your questions. As the door opened your heart started to race at the thought of who it could be. T-Taichi?! you didnt even realise that you said that so loudly, who would have thought he would be the one behind the door. Aww, did you miss me that much y/n? I promise not to leave you alone for so long♡ Taichi seemed awfully cheery with that statement, but to you...he looked like the person who would take you back home and hopefully explain what happened the other night.

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Taichi, do you know how i got here? Or why i am here...? Taichi looked at you and frowned. Don't tell me you dont remember, he said walking closer to you and eventually kneeling infront of you. Uhm...no i don't. Could you please tell me...? You werent so confident to ask that since he was too close for comfort. Oh y/n~ Taichi put a strand of your hair behind your ear. You are here because I love you..

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