2 Dont you love me?

What Taichi said left you speechless. You...love me...? You asked with a confused look on your face. Why of course i do y/n! I'd do anything for you...well i already did that favour you asked~ Taichi said with a smile on his face. Normally his smiles made you happy...but something was off with it now. Taichi...what favour did i ask? Infact could you just tell me everything that happened last night..? You asked him in a calming tone. Hmm...what's this. My darling y/n doesn't remember...? Oh my oh my~ Taichi started chuckling to himself. Well then...I don't know if I SHOULD let you know what happened. You sat there....dumbfounded.

Taichi ..why won't you tell me? ...If you love me then you should te- a sudden shock came across your face. Y/n, sweetheart...you know NOTHING about love. So for you to talk about it is very distasteful. His emotions...changed very quickly. He slapped you..and all you could do was listen to him. One second he was all lovey dovey and now he made it seem like i said something terrible. Look y/n i am sorry that i bursted out like that...but you dont know anything about love, how hard it is to keep your feelings inside, the constant feeling of hate towards yourself for never telling them how you feel. Hehe~ you just wouldn't get it.

Taichi...what are you talking ab- You were cut off by him yet again. Well i think i have said enough~ i dont want you to remember what happened. Hehe..if you do...you will never want to be with me. And I don't want you to leave my side y/n...promise that you won't leave me? All of his actions were just...incomprehensible. "...." Silence is the answer you gave him. Taichi wasn't the same. Is it an act? A prank? If so then he is good at acting. No answer? Fine. I will let you think about it~ Anywayyy i need to go....ohh i almost forgot to give you your lunch. Here ya go♡

I...dont think i am hungry. You said looking at the floor. You...arent hungry...? haha...ha..HAHA. I go through all this trouble to get you food and you say you arent hungry. Y/n...if this behaviour continues i wont leave you with a bed. Taichi left and locked the door before you could get a word in.

You started crying. Wasnt Taichi the one that was going to help me? Why...why is this all happening? And why me?