1 The start

The cloudy dim neverending sky, the tone was pitch black there weren't stars, there wasn't sun. Anything that was happy would perish, happy things were rarely seen. This wasn't anything anyone would want to be a part of but… But. I was sucked in, I got sucked into it and the paradox began. I don't know what i wished for nor remember why i picked it. I tried to win the race, I thought it would be better than to just sit and let these thoughts never appear. I really do have to admit that I won the race but that doesnt mean I can complete the next tier, I'm breaking I think I need to quit the race. I don't want to be a part of this anymore, before I began the race I really wanted to turn the other way. Rain, the hard drops of rain at the early birth the rain already started, but instead of rain it was anger, hopelessness, emptiness, judgment all of these were the cause. I didn't mean to do any harm nor to do anything, maybe it's better if I never won that race. The butterfly effect isn't it?