1 Prologue: Darkness

Welcome everybody! Welcome, to this new story called 'Darkness of a Hero'. You probably already read the summary but here are some important points:

Izuku will be granted powers. Not a quirk, but demon powers.

If you want a basic idea of the powers, it will be like the demon clan of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Also, I will put characters from that anime for story purpose. They will be from the present time.

Pairing is undecided. It will be either harem (yeah boi, I'm back into that) or just a normal pairing that I already have in mind. A clue: it starts with D.

And with all that said, we can begin.




Prologue: Darkness

"This is a problem..."

"I agree. Every day, we lost more members in our clan. What could we do?"

"Maybe it is time for an invasion? A holy war perhaps?"

"SILENCE!" The demon king exclaimed and his advisors remained silent. "I already thought of a solution. We will gift humans our power."


"Your highness! That is absurd!"

"How can we trust humans after all this time!?"

The demon king slammed his hand on the table and every one stopped talking. "As you know, now at days, humans have the ability to get their own power. But some are born unable to do so. We are going to give one of those that power, and make it join our ranks." The king explained as the rest nodded.

"And how are we going to give the human the power?"

The king smirked "I am going to gift him with the soul of Meliodas."

One advisor gulped "Y-Your son's soul?"

The king chuckled "That is right. With that, he should inherit the demon clan darkness and ability to consume souls. Once he discovers his new power, he will come looking for more. And I will be happy to give him that."

"And for your tone, I imagine you already have someone in mind, your highness."

The king snapped his fingers and in the middle of the table, an image of a boy, in the railing of a building appeared. The boy had a black uniform, green curly hair and red shoes. The advisors shared looks. This boy looked...

"Pathetic, right?" The king asked as he took a small blue ball from a jar. "The type that wishes for power." He saw how the boy closed his eyes and jumped off the building at the same time he threw the ball into the image. Just before he hit the ground, the ball got into his chest.

"Now let's see how things go."


Izuku Midoriya had given up. He was born quirkless. Bullied at school because of that, disappoint his mom over and over again.

But what was his breaking point, was his hero, his idol, All Might, he himself told him to give up. So, he did. He couldn't be a hero. He can't accomplish his dream.

So, he took Bakugo's advice and jumped.

Now... how was he still alive!?

He gasped and took quick breaths as he opened his eyes wide and looked around wildly. He could feel something warm on his head. He touched his forehead and blood was there.

He looked to his arms and saw some sort of black or purple mist coming from his closing wounds. So, not understanding what is going on, he did the only logical thing he could think off.



"This is... interesting..." The doctor, a man with the body of a lizard said as he studied the x-ray they took from Izuku.

Inko, Izuku's mother, watched the lizard man with worried eyes. "I-s it that bad?"

"I actually don't know. Your son is quirkless. But, he somehow survived, with no broken bones or any major injury, the fall from a 10 floor. And when Kamui Woods founded him, he said that he saw something purple or black coming from his body.

"W-What does that mean?" Inko asked "What are you talking about!?" Inko was getting despaired. This makes no sense! Her quirkless son, survived his suicide attempt thanks to a strange power.

Seeing what was going on, the doctor got an idea to calm her down "Maybe we can run more tests in your son to see what is going on. Maybe try more ways to find if he has a hidden quirk. Does that sound good?" Inko nodded shakily as the doctor started to make the papers for her to authorize the tests.

*Izuku's Room*

Izuku never expected this day to turn so good. He discovered he had a quirk, at least he thinks it is a quirk, and he basically was given a second chance.

But... what does he quirk exactly does?

Is it a regeneration quirk? Probably, it saved him from his fall and left him like new.

Well, UA entrance exams are in 10 months, he has time to find out.

A nurse entered the room and told him they are going to run another test.

*After the Test*

"This is... weird..."

"W-Weird? How?" Izuku asked and the doctor sighed.

"Tell me, how many hearts you have." Izuku blinked a couple of times before he raised a finger. "Well, according to this, you have 7."

Both Midoriyas eyes widened before exclaiming "WHAAAAAAT!!??"

The doctor nodded "We aren't completely sure what is happening to your son, but we contacted to some American doctors, and they are going to send us some specialist on quirks to discover what is going on with your son, Mrs. Midoriya. Also, I will want to send Izuku to a camp."

"A-A camp? Why would Izuku need to go to one?" Inko asked and the doctor gave her a pamphlet that she started reading.

"You see, this camp is used for teens that awake their quirks late. Besides, I believe that a change of air with new people, might help him. So, what do you say?"

Izuku wasn't against the idea. A way to learn about his quirk, to learn about another people quirks, and maybe befriend someone.

He looked at his mom that gave him an unsure look. With a sight, she nodded.

*Later, Midoriya's Residence*

Izuku was grinning as he walked into his room. He will go to the camp in one-week time, and from what he had read, it sounds great.

He looked up to see a bundle inside his bed. He blinked, rubbed his eyes and confirmed that yes, something was inside his bed.

He walked to it slowly and with wariness, he took the cover to find a woman with long-spikey orange hair and a mark on her left cheek.

She opened an eye feeling the lack of warmth on her face and noticed Izuku looking at her with wide eyes. "Oh. You arrived."

And done! That was the prologue of 'Darkness of a Hero'. Hope you enjoyed. Now, a thing I need to tell.

If you follow any of my other stories (In FFN) , you probably noticed a lack of updates. That is because I wasn't feeling like writing. I felt more pressured to write everything really soon, and that made chapters that I didn't find all that good. So, I took a break. Now, I am back to writing, I will upload, slower, but uploads will be there. And to avoid something like this to happen again, I will open a discord chat. It is RDH Server for now, name subject to change. And that's all! Remember to leave a Review if you enjoyed it, Follow and Favorite me and the story.

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