Darkness Inside Me

Author: beingstrange
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What is Darkness Inside Me

Read ‘Darkness Inside Me’ Online for Free, written by the author beingstrange, This book is a Horror&Thriller Novel, covering ADVENTURE Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, DARK Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Isaac, one of the citizens of hundry, leading a very normal life like everybody else. Until one day he witnessed an extr...


Isaac, one of the citizens of hundry, leading a very normal life like everybody else. Until one day he witnessed an extraordinary event with him , being unaware of how this event would change everything for him and around him.

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Marconegrao7 · Urban
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15 Chs


<THIS BOOK VOLUME 1 IS COMPLETED, VOLUME 2 WILL COMING SOON> A rather crazy night takes place on a remote island, Destiny Island, which has just opened to the public. Eva, a 23-year-old girl who had just graduated from university decided to go on vacation on the island with her best friend Zara as they suddenly get two flight tickets to go there. Once there, they meet Melissa, the hot girl from the university who asks them to hang out with her at the bar. Eva never goes to that kind of place in her entire life but to show Melissa that she is not just an average type of girl who cannot enjoy this kind of thing, so, she went there and even try a drink that she also never touch before. That is the start of the game of truth or dare which in the end makes Melissa and Eva share their past heartbreak. The drunk Melissa now asks the drunk Eva to get married to the very hot person they can find in this bar to console their heart, and that is when she meets Dylan who coincidentally has the same situation as her. Both of them run outside the bar and went to a nearby church to get married! Their friends search when they realize they are not with them and separate them just when they are about to kiss. Back in her country, how shocked she was when she realizes that she had already married! To a stranger at that! While trying to solve the accidental marriage, she suddenly found out that her mother wanted to re-married, and worse, she found out that the son of her stepfather is her own husband! So what should she do now? Will she be able to sort these things out? Little that she knows, there are many more stories to begin from now on.

Aira_Rin · Urban
Not enough ratings
75 Chs
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