1 Part 1- Confession

I could feel the tiny little droplets soak themselves into my robe. The air smelled of fresh morning dew. I looked up into the deep blue sky. It looked as if it could just suck the whole infinity up with one gulp.

I looked over at the beautiful wonder standing in front of me, she was the only one who made my heart skip a beat every time she smiled. I watched as the wind blew her hair into her face. Her hair was black as night and her eyes bright as day. Her body the perfect shape, skinny with just the number of curves. While I am the dirt under her boot. Now, I'm not exactly handsome… but I have my charms. My eyes are like a calm blue ocean, my hair is just as plain as old shoes that have never been polished. "Iris, I think I'm deeply in love with someone, and I don't know how to tell her." I mumbled nervously

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"Oh Aster! I know not of whom you are in love with. But if she be as fair as I, I ask that you be grateful that you have such a woman."

" I am, but if you do not approve of it then I cannot tell her."

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