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Lord Voldemort, The strongest DarkLord known to men, dies and when he gets his soul pieces back, he regains his sanity. He also experiences some of Harry's memories from the piece of soul that was in his scar. This is going to be a different Voldemort so ... Also when he was waiting to see which god will come to accompany him to hell, a system notice comes up and says he can resurrect into a different reality of his world. A reality where Grindlewald wasn't defeated. Where many darklords rise to power everyday and created a ritual through the Zeus Tome and all the technological muggle things stopped working. Muggles know wizards exist and they are scared of them. Dumbledore and the council of grandwizards of Britain who work under the orders of Queen are trying to keep the countries safe and Dark Lord Free. -------------- I started this story just for fun and my priority is "Demon God in Marvel" I don't know when I'll updated any chapters here. Also the Cover is not mine. I just found it on pinterest. The story is not mine, aside from original characters. I think I'm gonna change the HP world to a point that it's gonna feel more like an original than a Fan-Fic


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