Darkest Secret Series #8: Nights with Mage Lastra Del Russo Book

novel - Martial Arts

Darkest Secret Series #8: Nights with Mage Lastra Del Russo


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Mage Lastra Del Russo's Secretary, Bernadeth got pregnant and had to resigned from her work. Bernadeth left a load of works and Mage had to hired anew secretary immediately. Bernadeth suggest her friend Yuki Vasquez who currently looking for job. Mage had no choice but to hired her. Yuki was a fast learner and immediately adopt to her job. Ngunit hindi mapigilan mapasapu sa kanyang ulo si Mage sa kalampahan ni Yuki. She always involve into accident to their office but Mage can't fired her. Yuki beg to Mage na wag syang tanggalim sa kanyang trabaho dahil Kaylangang- Kaylangan nya ng pera. Mage become curious why she was so desperate to work for him to the point Yuki give her body to Mage. Mage try to ask Yuki why she was doing that,but she refused to answer it. Mage was desperately to know more about Yuki but what he know made him shock.


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