1 Can Blood Be Darker?- Seth Katsu

I've always wondered if blood can be darker than it is. Blood has always been such a bright and beautiful color that could shine through the darkness even. The thing is I've went through many bodies to know if there's any blood that's darker than it should be, because it just shows that they're human. All of the bodies I've went through it made me completely sure that they're NOT human.

"Dad...? Why did you bring so many people and why are you with other women..?"

I'd shiver in fear my body would shake rapidly the blood from my heart would pump over and over at that moment I thought too much blood would be pumped and my blood would be no more.

"Mom why are you on the floor with other men..?"

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As I stare down at my mom on the floor scooting back while throwing plates at the men, but they didn't care they would have a tight strong smile that would strike in the heart of fear itself. They would look back at me telling me to go away and it'll end quickly so I shouldn't worry. The thing is that I was staring at my mother I felt kind of happy because it gave me another urge to do something else.

"P-please stop..."

The men would look at me and look back at my mother and chuckle they would take their time to get to my mother. As I'm staring at my mother nearly getting killed in my mind I thought of every single way to kill them it wasn't weird at all to me I was happy I knew a way to defeat them....As a matter of fact everyone in this room. I'd turn my head and see two knives on the table.

"Fine I'll leave so you don't have to worry mom."

I'm not sure but I felt like my mom knew she was going to be fine like I had everything covered. So then as I would grab grab those two knives with surprising speed and steadiness in my hands I jump onto one of the them men using both of the knives crossing it up to his neck then slashing it. I would jump down as I would stare at him holding his neck as blood would gush out. He'd be trying to scream but no voice would come out and as he'd drop to his knees then to his face showing his back his life was over. That day Seth has killed his first living creature, but he also killed everyone else in that room besides his mother. His mom would just sit down looking at the floor with silence no words have been traded to each other until Seth's mom would stand up in silence. She would look up smiling at Seth with blood covering her face. She would walk directly to Seth putting her hand on his shoulder

"Looks like you're now becoming what you truly are, because you do know you have the blood of several serial killers making you want to see blood and even more causing the blood to spill you don't know it yet but you've also have a hidden power that you need you haven't yet shown, but don't worry you'll figure out how to use it in the future..."

Seth would just stand there in silence taking in everything his mother just said. He can't believe that his own mother just told him basically all of this was normal?! Seth would move an inch, but his mom would continue to smile but then spoke something to him once again.

"Look Seth since you killed literally everyone here besides me there would be some people that would call the cops so obviously I'm gonna have to play my part and you also. Here's the plan since they're gonna think I'm a bad mother they're gonna take you away from me but they won't over look the murder. I don't think they're gonna lock you up but they're gonna get you help they'll think you're a psychopath which you are. So once the day comes I want you to kill everyone literally everyone there and then I'll pay someone to erase your background erase who you really are."

Seth couldn't say anything at all. What Seth did was cry up and nodded his head as he trusted in his mother with all of his heart and knew he should listen to her.

***8 years later****

Seth and a doctor sitting in a room with two chairs facing each other and the woman having a clipboard as she'd write down her thoughts while there are people looking at them from the glass. The doctor would look up at Seth speaking to him.

"Look Seth 6 whole years have passed and you were only 6 years old since that incident and now you're 12. You've went through all of this physiology so I think only 5 more years you can be free! Isn't that exciting?!"

Seth would be completely emotionless he nodded his head. The doctor would be frustrated because all of these years Seth has been completely emotionless and and hasn't changed since the day they took him in but they couldn't blame him because who wouldn't be like him with all of the tragedy he's been through. Seth would all of a sudden stand up punching a piece of the glass that people were looking through, but the thing was that when he punched the glass it looked so effortless and it nearly destroyed all of the glass with just a single punch. The glass itself is strong enough to protect several bombs and gun attacks.

"How did you do that a little boy like you is able to destroy this glass..?"

Seth wouldn't speak and look at the doctor with a blank face. He'd then grab a piece of glass throwing it to the doctors neck perfectly connecting as it would go right through her neck.

Seth would go through the glass several guards would charge at Seth but Seth didn't care what so ever he'd grab some more shards of glass throwing at the guards all at once it ends up getting into their eyes making them look like they're crying blood they'd be holding their eyes in pain. Seth would grab the guards guns shooting every last one of them as the gun would run out of ammo Seth would grab the guards keys walking directly into the weapons area Seth would arm himself with weapons walking out shooting and killing every last one of them and after that he'd grab a bunch of grenades throwing them one by one as they'd detonate. Seth would grab molotov's and rpg's throwing the molotov's everywhere and shooting it everywhere. If someone were to walk in right now their definition of that place would be "hell." Seth would walk out of there and he'd see his mom waiting for him they'd head out and the place would explode completely.

As they would get in the car while driving to their new home in complete silence. Once they arrived Seth and his would get out of their car to stand in front of the house in awe.

"Look Seth I'm going to let you into a little secret. Remember when you killed everyone in that house?

Well there's a man who hates everyone in that house, so he wanted to kill them but didn't know how. The thing is he didn't have to do anything but you did it all for him. He was just so proud and happy so he gave us 10 billion dollars. I'm a nice mother so I split the money with us I put 5 billion into your separate account so it'd be even and fair."

Seth would nod and go to the new house but as they entered their new home Seth's mother would put her hand on Seth's shoulder and say to him.

"The man liked you so much he even offered to give you a full paid school life and be lead to an amazing job. In one condition though the schools and job all you need to do and learn is how a normal school would, but you'll also need to learn how to kill, murder, however you want to say it, and last but not least.....Survive...."

At that point I didn't care what my mom said because I knew I would be fine. My mother didn't worry one bit she was actually really happy that this is happening, but it might just be because of the money.

"Mom what do you mean by that I have to survive..?"

Seth's mom would chuckle. "Well there are more than a thousand schools like this, but you also have to compete against schools you're being given a chance to go to the number one best murder school there is so enjoy it while you can."

Well, it looks like I do t have a choice but at least from now on my life would be filled with fun. His mother gave him an ID card that said his full name.

"Seth Katsu..??" As Seth would say confusingly

Seth's mom would let out a sigh " Your biological father his last name is Katsu he was Japanese and Katsu meant victory so it's fate really that this happened and I'm very proud."

Finally this is happening my life will finally change for the better or for the worse. Whatever it'll turn out all of this would be very fun.

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