1 Space:

It all started when the great war happened, we used to call our planet "Earth 1", now we call it "Deserted Earth 1". We call it that name because in all our years on that planet we figured out how to destroy all the resources the planet had to offer. All the great countries went to war to get the only resource that could send us to space, iron. Although we have been to space before, we never built a spaceship for more than 1 million people to get in. It was difficult to build a spaceship if everything you build is stolen everyday, how did they keep thieves away? Well, that's where nuclear bombs made their big entrance. They blew up everything that was close enough to their base, cities got annihilated and half of the planet died. Those who survived had serious injuries or were selected as good specimens for reproducing once we were in space. Luckily my great-great grandma was beautiful enough to make beautiful and strong children. Since they had no kids to take all the people that entered the spaceship were 17 or older. My grandma was 21 when she was taken as a specimen, if you thought they asked you to be a specimen you are wrong. They took everyone they thought qualified to be sent to the space, they didn't care if you gave them permission or not, they took and drugged more people than you think. Those who were injured by the nuclear bombs were healed and if you could make a good worker you were gone too. As if being traumatized was not enough you had to be treated like an animal. Speaking of animals you must be asking yourself what happened to them, well they all died. But, thanks to the science they took DNA samples of all the animals they thought were exotic, strong, fast, productive and great DNA diversities'.

The first try didn't go too well, they created the "DEAR" a Defective Experiment of Animal Reproduction or as we call them "ROD" Run Or Die. The RODs are the genetic advanced version of rats, they destroy everything and don't have control of themselves. Many of them look like a dog with a cats head or some different animals mixed up you would never like to see. Every time a ROD was created the first step was to destroy it, but when they mixed a camouflaging DNA with a dog things got out of control. This bird had the ability to change into whatever was needed to survive. At first they thought it was the best experiment ever, but soon enough they realized that with a bite or scratch the infection could be passed to another ROD and this could start an invasion of them. It was the scientist in charge of destroying the bird, but when the bird dug his long nails in the doctor's arm he became a ROD. The first human ROD, unfortunately it wasn't the last one of them. Although they destroyed him that same day a sample of his DNA was kept, I asked myself why would they do that. I didn't have the answer until I realized that some workers were missing, it wasn't enough forcing them to work, eat and do everything you asked them to do, they were being turned into RODs on purpose. With so many workers missing they started to take their child to replace them, this could only work for a limited time, only a few people had a partner or a child. That was the start of another war, it was not with guns or bombs, it was with power and money. Only the highest bidder could take a child to his house. Of course the child could never return to his house, they kept them locked hoping that they didn't go missing too. It sounded easy at first but having another mouth to fill was not a pleasant thing, what did they do? Fed them only twice a week, that way you didn't had to throw away the trash and the workers would eat for free. The families that did this were looked at as barbarians at first, but it's better to lose weight than money you had nothing to do with. In order to have more workers it was necessary for every working mother to have at least three sons and one daughter. Great, there would be 20 or more children to feed with trash, and the half of them wouldn't survive their second year. With 20 or more children coming every year the worker population started to grow more than the owners population. Yes, the worker population had a rebellion expecting to get the owners unarmed and weak. They didn't expect the owners to have their own RODs, it was a total massacre. You could hear the agony screams and smell the blood, only a few survived. Those who survived were punished and put to work that same day.

That happened 50 years ago, it's 2063 now. If you think that many things about human culture are still present, you are wrong. Only a few know English, the majority of us only speak Brach. The Brach is a form of communicating with sounds and different types of moves, not like sign language, more like dancing without music. The Brach was created by workers, there was no way an owner would know what you were talking about, except if a worker told him how the Brach worked. Yes, you guessed right, a worker betrayed his kind by telling his owner how the Brach worked. Why? Love, he was so in love with his owner he tried to gain her trust by teaching her how to speak Brach. The owner taught everyone how the Brach worked, that's when the workers decided to put moves in the Brach. The only difference with the moves is that there's no code to it, you have to know the person fully to understand what they are trying to say. Only those who thought that the Brach was stupid kept on teaching their son's English, in my case it was my grandma who taught me how to speak English, my mother only knows Brach... Lucky me, I have to go it's time for the ROD's to go out and hunt everyone that not in their room. See you later.