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Dark Web

by JKSManga

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Invitations are being sent across the Dark web inviting people to join in a special event. When one of Jacks friends goes missing Jack has no choice but to accept an invitation. The invitation leaves them stranded on an island away from the rest of the world, fending for their lives from creatures only seen in people's nightmares. Jack must use his Genius crafting skills and IT abilities to create weapons if they have any chance of surviving what's in store for them on the island. The Dark Web is a part of the internet that is unseen by most of the general public. ID Theft, contraband, perverted imagery, terrorism, bigotry and more can be found there. Few will ever access the Dark Web but Jack and his friends have CHOSEN to go. UPDATES 3 Times a week (TUE, WED, THUR) 50 stones 4 times a week 100 stones 5 times a week 200 stones 6 times a week

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