Dark Sun and Bloody Moon Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Dark Sun and Bloody Moon


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One thousand years after the murder of the Sun God Dorcyth, the world has changed. His murderer Goddess of the Moon Nysarti, has been imprisoned in Crystal and sealed away with her followers, the Mytherax in the depths of Deepwood. The priesthood of the slain God, lost and angry, declared war on the murderous Goddess and all of her followers. They along with the followers of the Earth and Life Goddess Artix, formed the Order of the Rising Sun to protect from the predation of Mytherax raids for children to sacrifice to their fell goddess. Caeryx Stolario lives in a village on the border of the Deepwood. Having lost her father in Mytherax raid as a child, and having to support her ailing mother as well as herself, she had to grow up fast. Dispite the odds against her Caryx thrived. But things are about to change. With the Mytherax raids increasing and getting closer and closer to home, the Divine turns it's attention to her tiny part of the world in the form of High Paladin Kaelryn MacSol and Arch Priestess Trilana. Their arrival brings joy to the village and everyone in it except Caeryx. Adamantly agnostic, she has little faith that the Order has any power to stop the Mytherax threat. But Caeryx has a secret. A secret that will change the world once again, and bring one very evil goddess to her knees.


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