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Dark Retribution


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Born an orphan, Jack was put in the system the day he was born. His very first foster home sold him for drugs. At age 5 he was addicted to heroin and crack. At age 10 he was mol*sted by his forty year old dealer. At age 12 he was arrested and put in juvie for the murder of the same man. At age 15 he got out and r*ped the first girl he saw. He was sentenced to more time in juvie until he was 18. He was then transferred to prison where the first second he walked into his cell the prison guard stabbed him in the back. "That was my daughter that you r*ped, you sick son of bitch." said the guard. Jack bleeding out across the cell floor rolled over to look at the guard, a smile on his face but fury in his eyes. "That all you got old man, I've had a shit life you think I care that anyone else suffered because of me, screw you." Jack said with a maniacal laugh. The guard in response kicked him in the face so hard that his head cracked open on the cell floor. ^DO YOU WISH FOR POWER^ *Yes* ^DO YOU WISH FOR PEOPLE TO FEAR YOUR NAME^ *YES!* ^THEN BE REBORN AND SPREAD ACROSS THE WORLD OF RAGERIA YOUR DARK RETRIBUTION^ (By the way if your not a fan blood, undead, slavery, harems, evil protagonist with standards, or non-human MCs, this story is not for you. If you are then fasten your seatbelts and prepare for one hell of a ride.)


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