218 No longer necessary

It had been 2 days since Yang Tian had become the Dragon God Emperor. Many of the people personally related to Yang Tian were shifted to the Dragon God Realm, those included, Cang Yue, Chu Yuechan, Jasmine, Caizhi, some personal servants and guardians.

Currently, as he had just finished managing some matters of the Dragon God Realm, he sat thought to himself 'Looks like its time to let that go…'

He closed his eyes and concentrated a little.

A pure white lining in Yang Tian's soul gleamed before it turned back to normal.

Soon afterwards, Yang Tian heard a voice in his head.

'You stopped?'

It was naturally the voice of Mu Xuanyin.

'That is right. There is no longer any need for me to manipulate your soul or emotions. You can retain your free will now. And with the Ice Phoenix's soul perfectly fusing with you, the other soul within you can't influence your mind unless you allow it to do so.'

'I see…'

This was a short response from Mu Xuanyin. Yang Tian expected her bombarding him with questions, this sort of passive response made his raise his eyebrow, and he asked in return 'I had expected you to be a bit angrier at me. This reaction is quite surprising…'

'It has been nearly 2 years… Initially, I hated you a lot. You were making me do all sorts of things for you; moreover, I had no choice. Whether it was taking those people to the other Realms, organizing that tournament just so you could build your information network, and taking complete advantage of my body.'

Yang Tian replied neutrally 'That is correct. I did make you do all that. So, my question stands, why do you not hate me?'

'…As time went on, I sort of realised something. Each action of yours had never truly harmed Snow Song Realm. Since the time you became the Star God Emperor, you have compensated me with nearly 5 times the resources you had invested here. You gave me a lot of Ice Phoenix's Origin Blood which could be used to improve the next generation of talents in the Snow Song Realm.'

'The dual cultivation with you was not just helpful to you… It was beneficial to me as because of that I am at the half-step Divine Extinction Realm. The Star God Realm has publicly announced a 1000-year-old Alliance. I doubt you have any plans on reneging on that promise… If you do, I will truly look down on you.'

Yang Tian remained silent and heard all her words entirely.

'Currently, the Snow Song Realm possess an alliance with the Star God Realm, me as the peak of the Divine Master Realm, and an information network which has covered most parts of the Eastern Divine Region. We can now be considered a High-Rank Star Realm…'

'This all happened because of you. I am a rational person since the benefits have far surpassed the price, I won't hold a silly grudge against you because of this matter.'

Yang Tian was somewhat speechless, and he couldn't help but sigh out.

'You have truly surprised me with your words. Your mentality is a lot more mature than I initially believed. Or maybe you adapted because of the circumstances, but either way, it's good.'

Yang Tian added soon enough 'If you ever need my help, call out for me. I will assist you any way I can unless it doesn't trouble those close to me.'

In return, he heard an amused voice from Mu Xuanyin 'A promise of assistance from the Star God Emperor or should I should say Dragon God Emperor? Its value can't be measured at all. But why do your last few words suggest that I am not close to you? We had such a close bonded relationship… To think you would discard me like that. I admit I am a little surprised.'

Yang Tian rolled his eyes at those words 'You sound as if you want to become my woman. Stop kidding around and just go and manage your Realm.'

'Heh… But I am rather free. There should be nothing for me to do in the short term. Well, other than trying to break through to the Divine Extinction Realm, that is. Besides, why am I not your woman?'

That question from Mu Xuanyin made Yang Tian raise his brow. This was the second time she was giving this sort of hint.

Was she just teasing him, or was she serious? The tone he received made him question that there was a 50% chance of it just her messing with her. Probably trying to get back at him for manipulating her soul. But there was a 50% chance that she was serious.

Yang Tian thought to himself 'This was unexpected…'

However, he soon replied to Mu Xuanyin 'I manipulated your soul after all. So I had always believed you would hate me as much as you can. So, I haven't ever considered you as my woman. You could have been a potential enemy…'

'…How scary.' Mu Xuanyin said, her voice trembling a little.

She had heard the rumours by now and confirmed it with that information network that had been built up by Yang Tian. She knew that both the Moon God Realm and Brahma Monarch God Realm had launched a coordinated and surprise attack on the Star God Realm but were both beaten back severely.

If she wasn't able to become friends with him, she would never dare to be in his list of enemies. To hear that she was considered a potential enemy somewhat scared her.

'You nearly killed me with a heart-attack now… How are you going to compensate me for this?!' Mu Xuanyin seemed to be asking him with a rather serious and anxious voice.

'Sigh… What do you want? Get to the point already.'

'Visit me today… Not as the Star God Emperor or Dragon God Emperor, but as yourself. I want to meet you just as myself, not as the Snow Song Realm King, just as Mu Xuanyin.'

Yang Tian let out a sigh and replied 'Very well…'

On that day, Yang Tian did go to the Snow Song Realm.

He went to the Snow Song Realm by going through the teleportation formation and returning to the Star God Realm first and then to the Snow Song Realm. This time, he was going to construct another formation in the Snow Song Realm, which would connect it to Dragon God Realm.

Yang Tian sensed her location and reached near her…

Currently, Mu Xuanyin was in her house, seated on her bed, meditating quietly.

She opened her eyes slowly while staring at Yang Tian, who had entered her room.

A slight smile appeared on her face, "You have come rather quickly…"

Before Yang Tian could say anything, Mu Xuanyin disappeared from her position and was in front of Yang Tian. Her lips smashed against Yang Tian's lips and kissed him for quite a bit of time, using her tongue and intermingle it with Yang Tian's tongue.

For some seconds, Yang Tian did remain surprised. But he returned the kiss with an equal amount of intensity…

After their lips parted, Mu Xuanyin spoke, quite seductively, "I will show you that the 'me' who has free will is countless times better than the previous 'me���."

"Is that so?" Yang Tian's lips curled into a smirk…

The sound of ripping clothes was heard as Yang Tian and Mu Xuanyin passionately lost themselves to the upcoming pleasurable moments

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