Dark Intramurals: Chronicles of the Magic Wielders (On-Going) Book

novel - Fantasy

Dark Intramurals: Chronicles of the Magic Wielders (On-Going)


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It appeared to everyone that 19-yr old Cilan's decision to enroll at Baguio City's most prestigious international school, Celesticville University, was a quirk of a whim. Unknown even to his bestfriend Monique, he did so to recover from a bitter episode of his life. After befriending warm and kind-hearted Kristoff and eccentric yet insightful Timothy, he managed to cross paths and gain the wrath of one of the school's most eligible bachelor and popular figure, Sloane. Little did he know, that fateful day will not only change his life forever, but will also lead him to the answers of the question he left hanging on the past...


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