61 Eventually

Elize knelt in front of him and hope glimmered for Caleb. She looked at his massive erection and memories of how it was released a few days back when she was taking a bath, flashed across her mind. Feeling bolder, she trailed her fingers down his thighs, and his lean muscles strained beneath her touch. His agony increased with every inch that went higher. 

Her hands ascended in between his thighs and his teeth gnashed till his jaw pained when she made soft circles over there without touching his balls or his length. Finally, when her gaze settled on his shaft, a rumble sounded from his chest. His hips bucked for one small touch. He had been too deprived of this natural instinct between mates. She reached for his balls and cupped them. 

"Fuck!" he said as blue flickered in his eyes and his wolf clamored on the inside to come out. 

Elize had loved touching him earlier and she loved touching him now. She started stroking them softly and he widened his legs. 

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