Dark Eternity Book

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Dark Eternity


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What does it mean to be human? Dr. Atushio Daiki is developing an artificial intelligence that will benefit humanity. Dr. Daiki creates XV-111 model 1. A highly advanced AI that can feel and perceive human emotions. Dr. Daiki knows XV-111 will do great things. Catastrophe: Dr. Daiki’s lab is raided by the FBI and the Japanese government. He is taken away as the government plans to use him to advance the new age of robotic warfare. The distressed AI sees this and perceives all humans as evil and plans to destroy them. XV creates a body using tools in Dr. Daiki’s lab and plans to destroy every single human. Meanwhile Akari Miyazaki and her friend Aiko Shina walk to university as usual. Little does Akari know, Aiko works with the Japanese Space administration, a force guided to protect Japan, and earth from space anomalies. Together Aiko, Akari and many others will attempt to fight against mankind’s most dangerous enemy: Artificial intelligence.


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