Dark Closet Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Dark Closet


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Blinded by love and trust, the fate of a well known cardiologist, Aurora Daughtler hangs on a balance as she's convicted for murder. Famous billionaire, Arnold Dankworth who died under extremely suspicious circumstances and the only one who seems to know what happened is Aurora, his girlfriend. Abandoned by her own family, Aurora has to fight, resist and survive the harsh, wild life of the prison world alone. Scarred and powerless, Aurora gradually begins to accept her fate and all humiliations and negativities thrown at her from every angle and that's when he comes in. Mysteriously gorgeous, unpredictable and equally sentenced, Logan arrives at the prison a while later and she instantly catches his eyes. Calculative, he slowly pushes his way into her life and gradually gains her trust. He began to pick up the broken pieces little by little and just when he is about to fix them back up, all hell breaks loose. Secrets are unveiled, hearts are crushed, trust is broken, betrayal is evident, trouble looms and Aurora realizes she might just have made the greatest mistake of her life trusting Logan. Logan might just be worse than everything she had ever known.


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