DARK BL SYSTEM (Let's get a happy ending!)
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DARK BL SYSTEM (Let's get a happy ending!)


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What is DARK BL SYSTEM (Let's get a happy ending!)

DARK BL SYSTEM (Let's get a happy ending!) is a popular web novel written by the author Take_the_Moon, covering BL, COMEDY, FANTASY, SYSTEMTSUNDERE, ROMANCE, R18, SCIFI, MULTIPLECOUPLES, FASTTRANSMIGRATION, WESTFANTASY, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 5K readers . The novel is being serialized to 9 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Yu Liang has no memories of his life when he still lived in the main world, he only has the memories he has acquired over the hundreds of years working for the powerful God of the System. He is an exemplary and stellar worker, who causes envy and admiration for his other comrades in the system. One day the God of the System makes an irresistible proposal to Yu Liang, that if he managed to complete the missions of an old system that urgently needed an update, Yu Liang couldn't only recover all his memories, but he could also return to the world principal where he supposedly belonged. The System God was so desperate that he even added that Yu Liang could make more than one extra wish by returning to the main world. Of course, Yu Liang accepted without thinking too much, he had a lot of experience, a lot of money to buy in the store and he already had items that defied the sky. The success of this mission could be seen from afar! At least it should be easy, but when he saw the various worlds covered in a dense aura of darkness and endless anguish, Yu Liang began to think that this could only be a trap from the Lord God System. Welcome to the world of the DARK BLs system! They are worlds full of tragedies, anguish, bad endings, humiliation, a good deal of criminality, and characters who either suffer to death or who are crazy to death. All missions are to transform the DARK BLs worlds into acceptable worlds with a relatively happy ending, remembering that the user cannot kill any shou, gong, slag shou, and slag gongs, or other characters that are part of the central storyline. If one of these important characters dies, the world will automatically restart and you will be expelled from the world. Good luck! Xiao Yao system: Let's work hard and succeed! Yu Liang: I'm trying my best, but the world xx shou is so sticky and the world xx gong has become a shou, what should I do? Xiao Yao system: Just make them happy! ML: Liang-Ge, shall we join hands? * blinking innocently * Yu Liang: Asking for help from netizens what to do when a cold gong turns into a gentle shou that can be easily intimidated ?! I await the information! NOTE: The main character is Gongo (seme) and ML is shou (uke).

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Title: Dark BL System (Let's get a happy end) Genre: BL, Yaio, smut, LGBTQ, romance, oriental fantasy, western fantasy, modern martial cultivator world, system, ABO, Sci-fi, Modern world, among others. Contain: *** scenes, relationship between men, violence, and the use of narcotics. It may contain rape and blackmail within the plot. Rating: R-18 Chapters: Undefined Main Couple: (1x1) I just needed to put here the summary of the more detailed novel, here I am. NOTE: The main character of the novel is gong (seme) and ML is shou (uke).


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