Dark Apocalypse: Fallen God Book

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Dark Apocalypse: Fallen God


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Hundreds of years ago a dark entity once worshipped as a god in its realm fell to the mortal plane. For decades it had its way with humanity, planning to remove the weaklings, but little did he know how strong they were. For merely a decade his armies mercilessly slaughtered the humans, taking them, turning them and adding them to the horde. Yet after this decade magic took a front in research, in time humanity unified. Beating back the demons and their master. Now after losing the war and being imprisoned for no object nor metal on earth could deal the final blow. The dark one lay in a coma, humanity hoping for him to never wake again, the Onix Order took the initiative to lock him in the deepest dungeon, setting the strongest warriors known to man to guard the dark ones tomb. However after hundreds of years and upgrades to the contaminants its time for him to wake and plunge the world back into fury and brimstone. Will he succeed or fall once more to humanity and their warriors? __________ If artist wants me to remove cover just tell me. it isn't mine after all.


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