"This life is so boring,' a middle aged man sighed out, 'Even after joining the military, becoming a professional boxer and even being a police detective this life has got no thrill even endless murder as a serial killer gives me no thrill." He said sheathing his knife, "Okay dead guy lets see what you got." turning towards the lifeless body he started searching the pockets of the dead man until he found a weird skull ring, observing it carefully he found out that it had a slight imprint on its side trying to look at it further he pricked himself with a small needle on the ring, he wanted to take a closer look but the sound of police sirens seemed to have changed his plans, rushing out of the small apartment he put the ring in his left chest pocket and wore his face mask, he ran up the stairs of the building his destination the roof.

Bashing open the roof top door, officer McGuire moved up, his right hand clenching his gun while his left was holding his flashlight which shone brightly in the darkness, he kept moving until he finally laid eyes on his target, the notorious killer 'Narks,'

"This the end of the line, put your hands in the air," McGuire shouted out.

Narks seemed to be chuckling to himself "I Guess you're right, this is the end of the line." the man said letting out another chuckle.

Moving his hand toward his face mask he spoke, "You did well lieutenant but i think this is the end line for me."

letting his mask hit the floor, Lt. McGuire was speechless at who he saw "No it can`t be!"

"Move up, move up!" the rushing SWAT team could be heard as they came up the stairs but at that slight moment his target no his mentor jumped off the ledge.

The world seemed to have moving in slow motion as he ran towards the ledge stretching his hand out in order to save him, but he was only able to miss him.

"This life ain't for me just do you McGuire."

"JACE!!!" McGuire shouted.

The SWAT team finally arrived and swarmed the roof top, only to find that their target had committed suicide.

With the cold wind rushing on his falling body only a certain phrase came to his mind 'Activate soul breach', and with a flash of blue light everything went dark.

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