in the divine sparrow region there was a large mountain range that span for more than a million mile, people in that region called that mountain as the thousand life mountain. the reason being was because of a legend that was passed down since ancient time that said those who was fated with the mountain can life a thousand life, but since long time ago those who went inside would either die or get eaten by the demonic beast that life inside the mountain.

near the thousand life mountain range there was a village and in that village born a strange child, this child was born without emotion and the villager in that village said the child was cursed and can brought disaster to the village, when the child turned five his parent and all of the villager decided to sacrifice the child to the thousand life mountain.

as the child didn't have emotion he can't understand what happen to himself so he never thought that he was being abandoned or sacrificed, in the end when he was left alone on the mountain he just wander around wherever his feet take him.

on the third day since he was being sacrificed he was on the verge of dead after eating nothing on the last three day, the child walked wobbly until he fall into a pit and lose his consciousness.

the legend about the thousand life mountain said that people can life a thousand life if they are fated but the truth was that in the thousand life mountain there was a secret realm called 'second life' a realm where people will be thrown into a world of illusion where the consciousness of someone who enter it can't differentiate what is real and illusion, and they will thought that the world of illusion was the real world which make those who were trapped inside to never come out.

when the child entered 'second life' realm he found out that he was fine and was somehow already outside the mountain, then the child meet with a wandering cultivator that teach him cultivation.

million years later the child grown into a heaven shacking cultivator and he realized that there was a dao that he yet never knew, this dao was the dao of nothingness and he pursued it. after billion of years he achieved it and he found out that all of the thing that happen since he was five was mere illusion.

when the child found out that everything was an illusion he don't know what to do, should he just go out and lose everything he have inside the illusion or remain inside the illusion and waited until the time he die. the child choose to go out and leave the illusion but just as he was about to leave he remembered that he still don't have emotion and his art was not yet perfected, because of this the child choose to stay inside the illusion and did those unfinished business, but the child know it was impossible to have emotion so he abandoned it and he choose to perfect his self made art.

million years later he perfected his art and call it 'WILL', after that he left the illusion world.

when he left the illusion he found out that his body was so weak to the point that breathing was hard, when he was almost died he found out that everything he know inside the world of illusion was real and his attainment in dao was also real. after knowing this the child use his ability dao of nothingness to alter the law of fate so he won't die then he fainted.