Danmachi: the loneliness of the wolf.Danmachi: the loneliness of the wolf.

Danmachi: the loneliness of the wolf.

by XMorganX

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This is the story of the incarnation of a worker in the Danmachi world in the ancient era, from 2050 to Canon. In these centuries, monsters ruled mankind, there were no gods and goddesses who gave falnu, and almost every monster could easily kill you. Making a wish for eternal youth, he strives for the Canon of history, living for centuries in anticipation of this moment. What difficulties will our MC face? (Pss ... the protagonist of the werewolf race.)——————————————————————————— Danmachi and his characters do not belong to me! Except for my characters! Content +18 possible! The cover does not belong to me. If the author of the art wishes I will remove it. English is not my first language, so expect a lot of mistakes. I am writing this fanfic for fun. Thank you all for your attention! enjoy reading! And while!

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